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Traditionally, divorce happens to be a non-essential topic in the community, meaning, not a lot of people want to talk about it. It is understandable knowing the pain that comes from it and every individual that is affected by the situation. As we move on to more modern perceptions of the world, to celebrate divorce is no longer a taboo. If you are in this process, and you want to move on from the hurt that you have been keeping inside you, yet you are torn by how others will react to it, it pays to know the reasons why celebrating one matters.

#1 – It Marks the End of a Challenge
Who would want to dwell on pain and hurt for a long time? Who would rather stay inside their rooms keeping all these emotions to themselves by now? There are days when you have been through that, but it is not a sin to say "I've done enough. I've been through hell. I deserve a life." Celebrating the divorce is a good way to put an end to your challenging situation.

#2 – It is Meant to Make You Happy
As long as you have considered who to invite to the party, with no one to gossip about the entire thing after, you are good to go. There is always an end to sadness, and when you throw a divorce party with games, food, drinks, and laughter, then you will already be starting a happier life. Scream, or shout whenever you feel like it, and who are they to judge?

#3 – It Can Be an Excuse to See People Close to You
During your married life, you were once under the control of the other party. You may have limited yourself to doing household chores, attending to errands, and being in your daily eight-hour job. That has become your routine all this time. If you throw a party after getting divorced, then you now have all the reason to meet people you have not seen for a long time, those that will truly support you with the endeavor.

#4 – It is a Reason to Eat Cake
This is one of the simplest reasons you may have in mind to celebrate the occasion. Eat as much cake as you want, and give in to the desires of your palate. You can order grand divorce cakes, just like those that you have had during your wedding day. You can choose from designs that go well with the party, or stick to simple concepts where words speak about your situation.

#5 – It is an Opportunity to Answer the Same Question
Even without you declaring you have been divorced, some people may have already heard of it from others. It can be tiring answering messages of concern, or even those that were sent just for mere gossip. If you host a party, you can give your answer right to their faces.

#6 – It Acts as an Assurance
The number of people responding to your invite will prove how many people are still there to love and take care of you, despite losing one. You want to be reassured that you are not alone, and this is the perfect time to do so.
When hosting a divorce party, remember to give some keepsakes to attendees. You can even design your own keepsakes if you want to.

August 29, 2022 — joshua mcintosh