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A wedding monogram is a popular element that the majority of couples choose to incorporate into their wedding invitation package. Wedding monograms can be used throughout the entire wedding like a logo to establish your wedding brand. They are highly versatile and can be used on almost every aspect of the wedding. Here are some of the ways that you can personalize your wedding through the use of monograms.

Wedding Invites

The obvious idea is to include wedding monograms on your invites. The monogram can be incorporated on its own or into a crest that can be positioned anywhere around the invites. You can choose to display it at the top of the invites or on your wedding itinerary card.

Envelope Liners

A custom monogrammed envelope liner adds a touch of flare regardless of whether your invites include a monogram. The envelope liner will be clearly visible right when your guests open up their invites to get a glimpse of your creativity.

Wedding Itinerary

Apart from your invitation package, you can also choose to display your wedding monogram on other paper goods that are presented to your guests like your wedding itinerary. Position it at the top of a classic program sheet or on the cover of the whole program booklet.

Cocktail Napkins

It is also fun to keep a consistent wedding branding by displaying your wedding monogram on cocktail napkins. This is a useful element of the wedding that your guests will not miss out on. Have the napkins handed out when cocktails are being served to really elevate your guests’ experience.

Frosted Cups

Frosted cups are another element that you can incorporate your wedding monogram into your wedding reception. The frosted cups will be more aesthetically pleasing as compared to presenting your guests with plain and empty frosted cups. Custom frosted cups are not just stunning but are just as practical.

Wedding Koozees

If your wedding serves canned or bottled drinks, print your wedding monogram on a wedding koozee. It protects your drinks to keep them cold for a much longer time. Koozees also create a protective layer that can prevent your bottled drinks from being smashed amidst all the fun and celebration. Your guests will have a more comfortable experience when holding their cold drinks.

Stir Sticks

You can incorporate your wedding monogram onto drink stir sticks. The space may be limited so you will have to decide on a design that best suits all the different elements of your wedding reception. These cute little stir sticks add an element of fun into your reception to spice up the cocktails that you serve.

Koozee Customization

To customize your wedding koozees, consult our professional designers to explore your options. Our process is straightforward yet highly thorough to enable you to achieve your design goals. We also offer plenty of design templates that you can refer to before incorporating your own ideas and concepts to add a personal touch. We are open to suggestions so rest assured that you will be able to get your design across through our guidance.
October 19, 2021 — SmartSites