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Destination wedding favors are an ideal way to showcase your appreciation to your guests who have traveled a far distance and spent considerable costs to celebrate your big day. Most often than not, wedding favors just get left behind which is not something you would want to anticipate especially when you have spent some time coming up with the idea and quite a fortune ordering them. This is why we have put together a series of popular destination wedding favors that your guests are bound to appreciate and bring back home with them.

Welcome Bags

Welcome bags are one of the most popular wedding favors for guests and it comes with a good reason. Not only are welcome bags practical, but they also provide ample space for you to store some fun destination souvenirs that match the theme of your big day. If your wedding venue is in a tropical setting, you can include sun hats, sunscreen, water, and so on. The possibilities are endless and you can fully personalize your welcome bags to be as practical and personal as possible.

Welcome Letter and Itinerary

A welcome letter may be something simple but it is highly impactful. It can be added to your welcome bag where you can include your wedding itinerary. You can also add fun attractions that your guests can visit and offer some recommendations to popular dining spots and more to help them explore the area which some guests may not already be familiar with. A welcome letter adds a personal touch that you can add to your welcome bags to show your appreciation for their attendance.


If your big day is a beach wedding, you can present your guests with flip-flops. You can even customize them according to your wedding theme. You can imprint your initials and wedding date on the straps to add a personal touch for your guests to remember the event. Some guests may not have flip-flops with them as they may prefer to simply buy them at the wedding destination venue. However, with flip-flops offered to them as wedding favors, they will appreciate your efforts of saving them the hassle and cost.

Bottle or Can Sleeves

Bottle or can sleeves are also known as koozees. They are high in quality and can be personalized according to your wedding theme. You can choose to print your initials and wedding date on one side of the sleeves or on both to showcase your design ideas for a personal touch. Koozees are also great at keeping bottled and canned drinks cold which your guests can make use of right during the wedding itself. They will also appreciate the premium quality of our koozees and continue using them even at home. There are plenty of pre-printed wedding koozees for you to choose from or you can opt for custom can sleeves in the colors, styles, and sizes you prefer.

Regardless of your choice, always pick the right wedding favors that best match the theme of your big day. Wedding favors play an important role in the momentous affair and will forever be etched in the minds of your guests.
October 19, 2021 — SmartSites