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10 Must-Have Bachelorette Party Favors

Three women celebrating at a bachelorette party

Team bride, let’s get real. No epic bachelorette bash is complete without the perfect party favors. But finding something to capture the spirit of the bride-to-be's big day and make everyone feel extra special isn’t always easy. 

That’s why we’ve searched high and low for the bachelorette party favors that strike the perfect balance between fun, flair, and functionality. These 10 handpicked options will ensure every guest leaves with a smile and the bride-to-be feels showered with love and appreciation. 

Party Prep 101: Bachelorette Party Favor Packages 

Bachelorette parties allow the bride-to-be to have a memorable, fun-filled event with her closest female friends and family before she ties the knot. It could be a glamorous night out, a relaxing spa day, a tropical getaway, or any party theme. 

Distributing bachelorette party gifts can help set the tone for the celebration. It’s optional, but the hosts organizing the event may opt to cover the expenses and initiate its distribution. Sometimes the bride-to-be herself assumes responsibility or contributes to the cost. 

Bachelorette party favor ideas are fun and festive, but they can also be practical. Here are some ideas to make your bachelorette party favor bags extra special. 

10 Party Favors for Bachelorette Parties 

Small gift bags for guests

We’ve compiled a list of 10 bachelorette party favor ideas that tick all the boxes: practical, unique, budget-friendly, and customizable. Choose favors that not only reflect the bride’s personality but also enhance the experience for everyone involved. 

  1. Hangover kits. Hangover gummies, pain relievers, electrolyte packets, and soothing eye masks in cute, tiny pouches make handy bachelorette party favors. After a night of celebration, guests may appreciate having essential items on hand to alleviate any post-party discomfort.  
  2. Beach towels. Are you having a pool- or beach-themed bachelorette weekend? Lounge in style with beach towels embroidered with each guest’s name. They can double as thoughtful gifts for the bride, serving as a lasting memento of her special weekend with her closest friends. 
  3. Plush spa robes. If you have the extra budget, plush spa robes are a better upgrade than beach towels. It’s the perfect favor for a spa day or relaxation session in your itinerary. Coordinate the robe color or style with the event’s overall aesthetic for a cohesive look. 
  4. Cute bandanas. Keep the squad looking chic with matching bandanas, with a classic white bandana for the bride-to-be. Options include crochet, pastel tie-dye, gingham bandanas, and more. They’re the perfect accessory for group photos and #BacheloretteParty Instagram-worthy party moments. 
  5. Monogrammed sleep masks. Sleep masks are useful gift ideas for travel, home use, or whenever someone needs a little extra shuteye. Opt for high-quality sleep masks made from soft, comfortable fabrics like silk or satin to ensure maximum comfort. Consider monogramming them with each guest’s initial or nickname. 
  6. Self-care pamper kits. Treat your squad to self-care pamper kits filled with luxurious skincare products, bath salts, and candles for a relaxing night in. Alternatively, set up a self-care station where guests can pick out what they want to toss into their bachelorette gift bag. 
  7. Mini champagne bottles. Whether you’re having a formal dinner, a casual brunch, or a night out in the town, champagne is versatile for any occasion. Explore options for custom labels or tags to personalize the champagne bottles. Sparkling wine, including prosecco, cava, and sparkling rosé, is a suitable alternative if champagne doesn’t quite fit your budget. 
  8. DIY terrazzo coasters. Crafting terrazzo coasters can be a fun bonding activity for the party guests. You can purchase materials in bulk and customize them to fit your budget. Note: Use non-toxic materials like resin, pigment powders, and coaster molds to ensure durability and safety for use as drink coasters. 
  9. Paper shoot cameras. For intimate gatherings, Paper Shoot cameras are the perfect party favors. Guests can snap candid shots throughout the bash, and they get to keep the cameras for more fun afterward. They require a higher upfront cost, but their unique value and appeal justify the investment. 
  10. Koozie can coolers. These are the ultimate customizable bachelorette party favors to match your party theme or the bride-to-be’s personality. Koozies can keep your beers and sodas cold and prevent condensation for longer periods. Plus, they’re a sustainable option for customizable single-use plastic drink pouches. 

With these must-have bachelorette party favors, your bachelorette party will surely be one for the books. Make every moment unforgettable with these bachelorette party favor bag ideas. 

Raise a glass to the bride-to-be with Coldie Holdie’s must-have party accessory! Shop our chic Koozie party favors for bachelorette parties here.
May 01, 2024 — Ashley Kirchner

10 Best Business Promotional Items for 2024

Woman holding a tote bag with YOUR DESIGN across it

Effective brand promotion can help your business stand out from the crowd. Enter promotional products: an easy yet impactful way to make your mark in the market. 

Discover 10 best business promotional items for 2024 that can help enhance your brand visibility and foster customer loyalty. 

What are Promotional Items for Small Businesses? 

Promotional items are tangible products stamped or engraved with brand logos and distributed as gifts to increase brand exposure. In fact, we encounter popular promotional items almost every day. Some become daily essentials, while others end up forgotten or discarded. 

That’s why it’s crucial to know what you’re giving and to whom you’re giving them. Business promotional items can be a profitable investment with the right plan. 

10 Promotional Business Items Worth Investing In 

Are you looking for fresh ways to attract new customers, reward loyal clients, or boost employee morale? Check out these small business promotional items that could be a game-changer in your next marketing campaign. 

  1. Hand sanitizers. These portable promotional gifts are often kept in convenient places like pockets, purses, or desks. Your branding on the bottle or packaging will receive frequent exposure, increasing visibility. 
  2. Canvas tote bags. Tote bags made from eco-friendly materials aren’t only practical but also reflect your commitment to sustainability. Practical and versatile, they can be used for grocery shopping, carrying books, or as an everyday carry-all. 
  3. Tech accessories. These business promotional items come in various options, allowing you to choose what best suits your audience and budget. Examples include USB drives, smartphone grips, wireless earbuds, and Bluetooth speakers. 
  4. Branded apparel. Custom t-shirts, hats, or jackets featuring your logo are walking ads for your brand. Wherever the recipients go, whoever they meet, your brand gets seen. 
  5. Promo products. Your product samples or new releases make great promo items because they showcase your offering’s quality and value. These are best to give away during product launches, trade shows, or customer appreciation events.  
  6. Desk accessories. Mouse pads, desk organizers, or coffee mugs are handy custom promotional products for workplace-related events. They’re also excellent holiday gifts or welcome packages for new employees.  
  7. Custom fitness towels. Fitness towels offer ample space to display your logo, brand colors, or message. Use these giveaways for loyalty programs, membership sign-ups, or as corporate gifts. 
  8. Stress balls. Relieve stress and promote your brand with fun and quirky stress balls. These small business promotional items are inexpensive to produce and customize, making them a budget-friendly option for startups. 
  9. Collapsible straw sets. Reusable straws are popular among conscious consumers, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who frequent cafés and restaurants. These sets include a collapsible straw, cleaning brush, and compact carrying case for on-the-go use. 
  10. Koozie & can coolers. Make your employees’ and clients’ cocktail hour more enjoyable. And why not have them show off your company’s logo and brand colors while they’re at it? These business promotional items provide insulation for hot and cold beverages and feature secure grips to avoid accidental spills.  Shop Can Coolers now

Tips When Choosing Promotional Items for Business 

Employee holding a can while sitting at desk

Strategize your business promotional items to ensure maximum effectiveness and return on investment. Low-quality or irrelevant promotional items can reflect poorly on your brand. You want something that will resonate with your target market and add value to their lives. 

First, avoid stereotypical promotional products like pens, notebooks, and water bottles. While they serve a purpose, they’re so commonly handed out that they lack the wow factor needed to leave a lasting impression. Opt for unique, innovative business promotional tokens that differentiate your brand. 

Plan the budget for promotional items to keep expenses within manageable limits. While there’s no set amount to allocate, starting with 10% to 30% of your total marketing budget is reasonable. 

For optimal calculation, work backward from your expected ROI. Say you expect a campaign to generate $50,000 in revenue. Then, you decide to spend 15% of that toward promotional items. Your budget would be $7,500 ($50,000 x 0.15). 

The 10 promotional ideas outlined above will help you make the most of your budget. These marketing tools are also sure to impress your recipients and drive results. 

Shop Custom Business Promotional Items 

Host your next corporate retreat, team-building activity, or trade show booth with a twist. Coldie Holdie’s customizable Koozie® and foam Can Coolers are the perfect promotional items to invest in.  

You have endless design options to showcase your corporate logo, brand colors, and other marketing materials. Built to last, these tokens will ensure your brand stays top-of-mind with every sip. Customize your free branded items here today.
April 30, 2024 — Ashley Kirchner

12 Adorable Baby Shower Party Favors

woman holding baby shower favors

Congrats on your little one on the way, soon-to-be parents! It’s time to gather your loved ones and celebrate your journey to parenthood. We’re here to help you host an epic baby shower filled with laughter, love—and, of course—adorable baby shower party favors. 

Here are 12 one-of-a-kind favor ideas that will last a lifetime for you and your dearest. 

Party Favors for Baby Shower: Are They a Must? 

Giving out baby shower party favors depends on many factors. This includes your preferences, circumstances, and the overall mood you wish to set for the event. It’s not obligatory. However, thoughtful favors can add enthusiasm and warmth throughout the gathering. 

It’s worth considering if you’re up for it and have time and creativity to spare. Here are some factors when deciding whether to include party favors at your baby shower.

  • Guest list size. Favors can be a meaningful gesture of thanks at small, intimate gatherings. But they may require extra cost and effort for larger parties. 
  • Theme and atmosphere. Matching favors in a themed baby shower party can help to set the vibe and bring everything together. 
  • Cultural or regional traditions. In some cultures, favors are customary and expected within your community. When choosing one, remember to do so to uphold cultural etiquette and make guests feel honored. 
  • Budget constraints. It’s wise to prioritize other event aspects (e.g., venue rental, catering) with tight funds. Pro-tip: Look for DIY options if you still want to send out favors on a budget.  

If you’re set on having favors, getting them done is where the fun begins. Here’s how to plan and pull off your baby shower favor ideas without breaking a sweat. 

How to Plan Baby Shower Party Favors 

You don’t have to break the bank to delight your guests. You only have to find a balance between meaningful and affordable. 

Start by setting a realistic budget that works for you. How much are you willing to spend? How many guests will be there? It’ll help you estimate how many favors to purchase or make. 

Next, brainstorm baby shower party favors ideas from our list below. The more useful and practical, the better. It ensures they won’t end up buried in a drawer or tossed away. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, calculate the cost per favor. Don’t skip this step to stay within your budget while providing thoughtful gifts for your guests. 

12 Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas 

baby shower party favors on a table

We’ve rounded up 12 practical, personalized goodies to make guests smile. Rather than scouring the internet for ideas, use this list to free up your time for more crucial baby shower tasks. 

Baby Shower Party Favors for Girls 

  1. Lip balm bundles. Opt for natural ingredients and flavors to cater to different preferences, such as fruity, minty, or floral. 
  2. Floral hair ties. Cute and versatile, gift these hair ties to your female guests to wear throughout the baby shower and anytime afterward. 
  3. Handmade soap bars. Indulge your loved ones in a spa-like treatment at home. To personalize, add your baby’s name and event date to the packaging. 
  4. Custom-scented candles. Let guests unwind and de-stress after busy days with your go-to scented candles. 
  5. Monogrammed compact mirrors. Offer guests a handy, personalized gift they can use for on-the-go touch-ups.  
  6. Pastel bottle koozies. These party favors can keep drinks chilled and refreshing the entire event. You can customize your koozie’s design to fit the baby shower theme. 
  7. Baby Shower Party Favors for Boys 

  8. Custom keychains. These custom keychains, engraved with the baby’s name or due date, are meaningful keepsakes guests can carry wherever they go. 
  9. Miniature succulents. Symbolizing growth and new beginnings, these favors offer everyone a low maintenance, living memento of your special occasion. 
  10. Personalized stress balls. These baby shower party favors are ideal for anyone who could benefit from a little stress relief. 
  11. Mini flashlights. These are a hit because they’re super handy and great for kids and adults alike. Consider attaching themed labels or stickers to each flashlight.  
  12. Coaster sets. Coasters add a cohesive look to the table settings by complementing the baby shower's overall theme and decor. 
  13. Custom can cooler. Like pastel bottle koozies, tailor-made can coolers are multipurpose favors. They’re the perfect beverage companion at your outdoor garden gathering, poolside night party, or indoor brunch. 

Personalize Your Baby Shower Koozies 

Make your baby shower a bash to remember with our Baby Shower Koozie Collection. We offer over 50 colors and styles to play with, including foam cans, neoprene bottles, and slim cans. Welcome your new bundle of joy with Coldie Holdie! Start customizing here

April 16, 2024 — joshua mcintosh

10 Corporate Party Favors That Make an Impact

Business speaker presenting in a conference

Ditch the lanyards and keychains with your company logo that seem to clutter every office gathering. These generic items, while practical, often lack creativity and fail to leave a lasting impact on guests. 

Step up your game with our carefully curated list of creative corporate party favors. You’ll also discover why and how to create a win-win favor-gifting experience. 

Benefits of Giving Out Company Party Favors 

Favors are a hit everywhere—and the workplace is no exception. Here’s how incorporating this tradition into your next corporate holiday party can impact the workplace:

  • Enhanced morale. When employees receive small tokens tailored to their likes, they feel recognized for what they do. This recognition can translate into a more positive attitude towards work. 
  • Brand visibility. Incorporating branded holiday party favors into office events is an effective marketing tool. Employees use and display the gift items, inadvertently promoting the brand to colleagues, clients, and other prospective markets.  
  • Team building. Favors are fantastic icebreakers because they give people something in common to talk about. These shared experiences break down walls and bring everyone closer, creating a stronger sense of unity within the team. 

Reap these rewards by handing out gifts with value-added extras, such as practical utility or emotional appeal. Check out our quick guide on how to decide your corporate party favors. 

How to Plan and Choose Your Office Party Favors 

A little planning goes a long way when planning party favors. Follow this step-by-step guide to find out the best pick for your staff: 

  1. Know your audience. Ask employees about their preferences, interests, and any specific items they’d like to receive. Gather feedback through informal discussions or suggestion boxes. 
  2. Set a budget. Determine how much you’re willing to spend and allocate funds accordingly. If the total budget for favors is $500 for 100 guests, you allocate $5 to each attendee.  
Note: One favor per guest is often enough.  
  1. Align with company culture. Choose favors that embody your organization’s ethos. Say your company values sustainability. You can opt for reusable tote bags made from recycled materials or plantable seed cards. 
  2. Personalize when possible. Customize favors with your company logo or a personalized message. Look for a supplier who can accommodate your design requirements and provide high-quality printing/engraving options. 
  3. Optimize packaging. The presentation and packaging can make or break company holiday party favors. The packaging is the first thing recipients see when they get a favor. You want it to grab their attention and start things on the right foot. 

Final Tip: Opt for items recipients can use in their daily lives or enhance the event experience. This way, your favors will leave a lasting impression and be kept long after the party. 

10 Game-Changing Corporate Party Favors 

Corporate gifts in brown reinforced paper bags

Now, let's delve into the heart of the matter—the best corporate holiday party favors that are sure to impress your guests. If you have the funds, don’t hesitate to mix and match any of the following.

  1. Leather-bound journals. Perfect for jotting down notes, ideas, or sketches. These journals provide recipients with a must-have companion for meetings or travels. 
  2. Bluetooth speakers. People working from home can benefit from these handy favors.  They’re perfect for streaming music, and helps amplify presentations and conference calls. 
  3. Premium coffee gift sets. Fuel your team’s productivity with gourmet coffee gift sets with artisanal blends and branded mugs. 
  4. Executive pen sets. These are highly coveted items that make memorable and impressive gifts for corporate events. Recommended for executive retreats, board meetings, or client appreciation dinners. 
  5. Custom USB drives. Practical and versatile, branded USB drives offer ample storage space while showcasing your brand with every use. 
  6. Cocktail kits. Opt for this if you’re after a fun, interactive atmosphere that encourages socializing and bonding among attendees. 
  7. Portable powerbanks. Keep guests connected and powered up on the go with portable phone chargers. They’re suitable for outdoor conferences and seminars. 
  8. Cozy blankets. Best for team-building retreats, company picnics, or employee appreciation outings. Personalize it by embroidering your company logo or event theme onto the blankets. 
  9. Succulent plants. Succulent plants are low-cost, low-maintenance gifts that bring a refreshing greenery to any workspace or home office. 
  10. Can coolers. Koozie® can koolers and Can Coolers are convenient favors for park picnics or outdoor team-building activities. They’re designed to insulate cans or bottles, keeping drinks cold even on scorching summer days. 

Koozie® Up Your Office Holiday Party Favors 

Coldie Holdie's customizable Koozie® can koolers and Can Coolers are the perfect favors to show off your brand. Our built-in customization tool lets you imprint your holiday motif, corporate emblem, or brand color palette. 

Personalize yours today for a unique, branded touch at your event. Koozie up your corporate party favors here.
April 11, 2024 — josh mcintosh

14 Unique and Trendy Bridal Shower Favors to Celebrate Love

Brown craft boxes bridal shower favors

If you're the bride or part of the Team Bride crew throwing the bash, ideas for bridal shower favors might not come easy. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Shower the bride-to-be with love and well-wishes with these 14 charming bridal shower favors.  

Delight Your Guests with These 14 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas 

The bride team deserves more than run-of-the-mill trinkets. Let’s have them thrilled and talking long after the party’s over with these 14 unique bridal shower favors.

  1. Leather luggage tags. These travel-buddy shower gifts are durable, classy, and customizable. They’re particularly ideal if you’re jetting off for a destination wedding. 
  2. Artisanal honey jars. Make the bridal shower extra special with gourmet treats sourced from local beekeepers. Don’t forget to add the couple’s names or their custom monograms when you print the bottle labels. 
  3. Handcrafted ceramic coasters. Bridal shower guests who appreciate fine, handcrafted items will love these favors. We highly recommend them if you’re hosting home-themed wedding showers. 
  4. Vinyl record coasters. For music lovers, opt for coasters crafted from vintage records. You can feature the couple’s favorite songs or print album covers that hold special meaning to their love story.  
  5. Embroidered handkerchiefs. Handkerchiefs are already classy, but embroidery makes them more elegant and meaningful. Customize each by embroidering the guests’ initials (or the couple’s initials if you have a long guest list). 
  6. DIY terrarium kits. Let guests create their miniature gardens and tranquil oases with kits that include succulents, pebbles, and figurines. These favors are best for nature-loving couples and outdoor garden bridal showers. 
  7. Hand-painted glass ornaments. Hand-painted glass ornaments offer a personalized touch their mass-produced counterparts lack. Consider incorporating them as a fun bridal shower game where guests can paint their ornaments right at the venue. 
  8. DIY candle-making kits. With these kits, the bride team can craft their scented candles from scratch. Customize the kits by adding themed labels or choosing scents that reflect the bride’s preferences. 
  9. Bamboo utensil sets. If you’re hosting outdoor or picnic-themed celebrations, these gift sets are practical options. Find suppliers on Etsy or local shops in your area that offer engraving services for their bamboo utensils.  
  10. Custom tea infusers. Gift guests a stylish, functional infuser to brew their favorite loose-leaf teas at home. Whether set on tables or tucked into gift bags, these tea infusers can add elegance to your gathering. 
  11. Organic lip balms. These are quick gift ideas, especially if you're short on time. Simply source your balms, print labels on waterproof stickers, and place them in cute pre-made gift bags. 
  12. Wedding-themed hair ties. Hair ties as favors aren’t new, but to switch things up, opt for colors that match the wedding theme. Everyone can then wear them on the wedding day, creating a cohesive, eye-catching accessory for the celebration. 
  13. Build-your-own-bouquet bundles. Unique and interactive, this hands-on activity allows guests to personalize their bouquet favors. You can include either fresh or dried flowers to suit everyone’s preferences. 
  14. Customized wedding koozies. These high-quality can coolers can keep beverages cold and hands dry throughout the party. They boast endless customization options, perfect for adding the couple’s names, wedding hashtags, or playful slogans.  

Rows or pink party favor bags on a table

FAQs on Bridal Shower Party Favors 

Let’s address some common questions that pop up when picking favors for a bridal shower: 

Are pre-wedding shower party favors still a thing? 

Yes, bridal shower favors remain en vogue to this day. They’re sweet reminders of a joyous occasion, perfect for thanking the guests who’ve come to celebrate the bride-to-be. But forget those old-school trinkets! Nowadays, they come in different trendy items that match the personalities and aesthetics of modern brides. 

How much should I spend on bridal shower favors? 

The amount you should budget for favors depends on your guest count and how fancy you want to get. Do guests each get one favor or a bunch? If you’ve set a total budget for the bridal shower, how much of it are you willing to spend on favors?

Expect to spend around $3 to $5 per favor. But with proper planning, you can still find bridal shower favors ideas that fit within a lower budget. 

What date should I put on bridal shower favors? 

Hosts often put the bridal shower date on the favors as a keepsake. However, some may prefer to include the wedding date instead, especially if it’s closer to the big day. 

Custom Bridal Shower Favor by Coldie Holdie 

Elevate your bridal shower with our can and bottle coolers’ superior insulation. Choose from our pre-made templates to match your theme or customize it from scratch. Coldie Holdie’s built-in customization tool ensures your favors are specially tailored for the soon-to-be-weds.  

Celebrate the love with us. Start customizing here.
April 08, 2024 — josh mcintosh

Top 8 Corporate Gift Ideas To Consider

Are you tired of giving the same old gifts to your coworkers and customers year after year? It’s time to spice things up with unique and thoughtful corporate gift ideas.  

Corporate gift ideas serve as a warm hug for your business relationships. They show your respect, care, and appreciation for your customers and employees.  

These thoughtful presents can take many forms. From branded merchandise and gift baskets to personalized items and experiences, you get to pick.

You have the option to choose from so many different options. Not only do they help in strengthening business relationships. They also help in making people feel special and valued. Imagine the smile on your client’s faces when they receive a customized item showing your appreciation.  

In fact, corporate gift ideas for clients and employees can contribute to the business's overall success.  Keep scrolling to discover the best product ideas you should include in this year’s corporate gift basket.  

The Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees and Customers

The best ideas for corporate gifts are high-quality, and match the recipient’s interests. Today, we’re here to present you with some of the best options out there. Here they are:  

1. Personalized Koozie® and Can Coolers  

If your client loves spending time outdoors or attending events, gifting them a personalized can cooler is a great idea. They’re customizable and absolutely reusable.  

Plus, they’re so versatile that they can be used in various settings. This includes brand promotional events, backyard BBQ parties, and much more. Check out to discover a variety of customizable options.  These thoughtful business gifts will definitely amaze your employees and clients.  

2. Chic customized coffee cups  

Coffee mugs never go out of style!  

Gifting a chic customized cup to a coffee lover is a wonderful idea. You can personalize it by engraving the initials of your client’s name or by adding the brand logo. Pick stainless steel or porcelain mugs—both are sturdy, functional, and customizable.

3. Customized art prints or framed artwork  

Customized wall art prints or framed artwork aren’t just unique. They also show you actually put thought and effort into selecting custom corporate gifts.  Choose the piece that reflects the recipient’s interests and see how their face lights up with happiness.  

4. High-quality personalized water bottles

Searching for practical corporate gift ideas? Look no further and get your hands on personalized water bottles ASAP!  

Like coffee mugs, water bottles are suitable for the workplace. It’s a perfect pick for employee gifting, especially if you want to encourage people to go eco-friendly. Beautiful and versatile but they are also eco-friendly which makes them a thoughtful gift.  

5. Customized journals or planners with initials  

Journals and planners are a great way to promote productivity among employees. By gifting them a customized planner, you can help them stay on top of their game. These journals also work to help them achieve their goals and unleash their inner creativity.  

6. Headphones or earbuds for music lovers  

If your client or employee is a music lover, headphones or earbuds are a perfect gift option.  

7. Desk plants to amp up the office décor  

Desk plants are meaningful, organic, and versatile.  They contribute to improving your workers' mental health while also freshening up the office.  

8. Elegantly customized laptop sleeves  

Feeling generous? Everyone can use a laptop sleeve! A laptop sleeve provides necessary protection and prevents minor scratches. Moreover, it's completely customizable, making it an ideal corporate gifting idea.

What Can You Put in Corporate Gift Sets and Baskets?  

A personalized corporate gift basket showcases your appreciation and gratitude to the people who contribute to your business.  

Put unique items that will bring your clients and employees a smile. It can be snacks or treats, a Bluetooth device, a cozy blanket, chocolates, or scented candles. Topped the basket off with a handwritten note to express your appreciation.

Make Corporate Gifting A Breeze This Season

So many people find themselves bewildered when picking good gifts for their clients and employees.  

Personalized gifts, like a Koozie® or Can Coolers, bring your thoughtfulness to light in this festive season. These small gestures can help you create a heartfelt and meaningful relationship with the recipient.  

If you have the budget for it, you can also set up a gift basket.  

We hope the custom gift ideas above sparked off your creativity. Head over to our blog to learn more unique gift ideas.  
January 22, 2024 — joshua mcintosh

Thriving and Thriumphant: 30th Birthday Koozie® and Can Cooler Ideas

Celebrating a 30th birthday is a major milestone in a person’s life. And what better way to commemorate this event than with a fun and festive Koozie® or Can Coolers gift?  

Are you planning a big party or looking for a unique way to mark this special occasion? A 30th birthday can cooler can be a great way to add some fun, flair, and personality to the celebration.  

From specially crafted custom designs to funny sayings or meaningful quotes – there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect can cooler for this momentous occasion.  

So sit back and grab a drink. We’re about to toast to the next decade of your life with our custom can coolers.  

So, which Can Cooler works best?  

When it comes to choosing a party can cooler, the best option is the one that reflects your style and personality.  

To make it more unique and memorable, look for a brand that offer customization options. This gives you complete rein over the design. You can add your name, age, birth date, and a fun message.  

30th birthday Koozie® and Can Coolers add a festive touch to your birthday and they’re also handy during the event itself.  

Here are some factors that can help you make the right decision:  


Customized Koozie® and Can Coolers are way more fun than plain ones, aren’t they? Customization lets you add a personal touch to the celebration while giving you complete rein over the design. You can add your name, age, birth date, and a fun message.

Choose an amazing color scheme that matches your party theme. Bright colors, fun patterns, and playful designs are all in trend for birthday celebrations.  

Material and style

Most can coolers are made from foam or neoprene. However, there are also those made from leather or metal. However, we advise choosing durable and lightweight options. At Koozee Crazee, we only use high-quality material for your custom Koozie® or Can Coolers.  

Different can cooler designs are available for storing different beverages. Choose the style of your 30th birthday can cooler according to the drink it will be used for.  

The Special Details

Your birthday celebration is an important event in your life. Including unique details such as dates, favorite quotes, or printed graphics help in making the event more memorable and meaningful. Bonus part? They look super chic and aesthetic!  

30Th Birthday Koozie® and Can Coolers FAQs

Does a Koozie® or Can Coolers keep your drink cold?  

The simple answer is yes, it does!  

Custom Koozie® and Can Coolers work by preventing condensation from forming on the can or bottle. When you put a cold drink into custom can coolers, they creates a barrier between the can or bottle and the surrounding air.  

Doing so helps insulate the drink, trapping the temperature and keeping your beverage cold.  It also slows down the rate at which your drink warms up. This makes customized can coolers an ideal solution for storing cold drinks.

The material is also very important in keeping your drink cold Foam and neoprene wrap help in trapping the cold air inside and prevent it from escaping, which means that they keep the drink cold for longer durations.  

Overall, the customized Koozie® or Can Coolers help in keeping drinks at refreshing temperatures, even on hot summer days. They are definitely worth the investment!  

Do foam can coolers actually work?  

Yes. If you want a high-quality and lightweight material to design your personalized can cooler, look no further than foam can coolers.  

They work by keeping your drinks cold through insulation. Moreover, they are made from soft and durable materials that are easier to grip and comfortable to hold. They’re a perfect drink accompaniment for your birthday bash making them a great option for party gifts. They are also resistant to scratches which means they can last for a long time. Friends and family can use them for years to come.  

Throw a Terrific 30th Birthday Bash  

Hope the above tips will help you to choose the best 30th birthday Koozie® or Can Coolers. Whether you’re enjoying a cold beverage at home, at a party, or on the go, a can cooler can help you keep your drink refreshing for a longer period.  

They also make great birthday gifts because of their versatile designs and amazing customization options. So what are you waiting for? Make your 30th extra special by getting yourself a customized can cooler. Shop your options here!

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Koozie® and Can Coolers For Your Special Day: Unique Wedding Favor Ideas That Keep Your Drinks Cool

Wedding guests clinking glasses
When planning a wedding, most couples aim for authenticity and uniqueness. Soon-to-be-weds will do anything to ensure their celebration is one-of-a-kind. From choosing an opulent venue to picking your unforgettable culinary experience and spectacular entertainment.    

Some, if not most of your guests love to commemorate the event with a precious memento. Just looking at it should take you back to a time when all of your closest ones gathered to celebrate and honor your unique love story.  

For that reason, couples nowadays have started focusing on custom wedding favors, such as wedding Koozie® or Can Coolers. These tokens bring an unparalleled personal touch - and you should too!  

Common Wedding Favor Ideas

Now, there’s an array of ideas for wedding favors/Edible wedding favors, such as candy or jars of honey, are the most popular choice. Home decor, such as mini succulents are also a favorite.  

Luxurious sets, such as mini champagne bottles with bottle openers, are perfect presents to your principal sponsors.

But you can always switch things up. Guests will love your creative approach, especially if you go for personalized wedding favors.  

A perfect example: Wedding can coolers. These wedding favors are ones that keep on giving. Not only are they unique, they’re highly practical as well. In fact, your guests can start using them right at the wedding reception.  

Read on to discover why koozies make for the perfect wedding favor.  

Why Can Coolers Are The Latest Party Favor

Here are a few reasons why you should shop for wedding koozies for your big day. We also list some of the benefits that come with them:

1. Can Coolers Are Really Practical!  

Wedding favor ideas should be unique. But practicality is also a factor. Unfortunately, most couples tend to overlook it.  

Surely, a personalized glass or picture frame is a beautiful gift to give to your guests. But they’ll usually find themselves tucked away in some corner and could easily be forgotten.  

On the other hand, candy is eaten right on the spot. While delicious, they don’t have such a practical use except for satisfying your sweet tooth when needed.  

Wedding Koozies are the polar opposite of this! Not only can they be customized in any way that you want, their most useful quality is that they keep your drinks cool. Many times, our drinks get watered down and lose freshness. This can happen in the summer, or when we’re busy chit-chatting with friends—two factors that are usually the case the case for your wedding day.  

Your wedding guests are up on their feet socializing. You want their mini bottles and champagne glasses as cool as your wedding favor.  Slipping on a Koozie® will keep their drinks chilled for hours on end.  

A wedding Koozie® is reusable. So after your celebration, they can keep it and use it for another time (hint: summer time).

2. You Can Design Can Coolers The Way You Want  

Wedding can coolers are customizable. Not all have the same aesthetic, therefore, coming up with unique wedding favor ideas is really important.  

You can take inspiration from our pre-made design. Choose one that fits your style. If you would like to take a shot at it, you’re more than welcome. Add you and your partner’s favorite photos or special quotes. You can even share a heartfelt letter to all your guests. It’s up to you.  

At Coldie Holdie, we’ll help you every step of the way. We’ll even provide some design ideas for you!  

4. There’s No Limit With What You Can Do With Can Coolers

Wedding guests with glass in hand

Koozie® and Can Coolers aren’t just for weddings. Whether it’s for a birthday party or graduation, you’ll find a use for these drink coolers for all kinds of occasions.  

You could either set them out on the table or slip them onto every cup. Once the party’s over, your guests can take them home and find further use for them. So, whenever you feel like a personal touch is missing from your celebration, customizing can coolers is the way to go!  

5. Reliable Koozie® and Can Cooler Suppliers Are Key  

Apart from choosing the perfect design to go along with your drink coolers, you need to find a reliable supplier that can execute your vision perfectly. You need to keep an eye on quality and excellent customer care.  

Most importantly, your Koozie® or Can Cooler supplier should always be available to you and they need to be cooperative, meaning that they should keep you in the know throughout the entire process.  

At Coldie Holdie, we greatly value our customers, as our mission is to provide sublime service every single time.  

When you shop for weddingcan coolers, you begin by choosing a pre-made template or your own design. Next, it’s important to include any little details you’d like to be included, like a special symbol or a heartwarming message.  

After we get all the details, we’ll show you what your can cooler would look like. Once everything looks perfect, we’ll ship them directly to you! When purchasing, we suggest you get a few extra can coolers for any guests who cannot come to your wedding, or have them at bay just in case!  

Send Guests Home With A Gift

Wedding can coolers don’t only offer unique presents to your guests. They also elevate the party. You can go above and beyond with your design.  

Make sure to customize to the fullest extent so they perfectly go along with your aesthetic. Check out our store and start customizing the most authentic wedding favors!
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21st Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Well, guess what? You’re officially stepping into adulthood as you celebrate your 21st birthday—big congrats! Finally, no more stressing about whether your fake ID looks convincing (we promise, we won’t spill your secret!).  

On a more serious note, you’ve already taken your twenties on a test run. While you still have a lot of time and space for self-exploration, it’s time to start setting some long-term goals. First things first, though - you should start planning your 21st wild bash!  

Your 21st  is one of those birthdays that requires you to go all out. Let your creativity run wild and think about different ways to make your celebration unique. 

The theme and decor play crucial roles. But don’t overlook one element that will make your party unforgettable.  

Something like a memento that will evoke sweet memories every time you look at it. So today, we’re sharing some of our favorite 21st birthday party favor ideas for that unique touch.  

Fun, Creative 21st Birthday Ideas and Inspirations

Before we get into our top 21st birthday party favors, think about what type of party you want to throw.  

Many people want to flaunt their new ID, so a night out in town is somewhat of a custom. Alternatively, you could throw a house party. This way you’ll have more liberty to decorate the setting however you like. If you feel more creative, throw a themed event.  

Lastly, you can also take your friends on a trip or organize a day filled with thrilling experiences. Whichever option you choose, remember to include 21st birthday favors to make your memorable for years to come.  

5 Party Favors For 21st Birthday Ideas

Finally, we present you with 21st birthday party favor ideas. They’re fully customizable, so you’re allowed (advised, even) to go bold and think outside the box. Take a look at some of our suggestions.  

1. Koozie® or Can Coolers

Drinks and 21st birthdays go hand-in-hand. But now that you’re officially of age, there’s no need to settle for that lukewarm vodka hiding in your cupboard You deserve a frosty, refreshing beverage to toast to this milestone.  

Keep everyone’s drink fresh and cold at your party. Once your guests enter, provide them with a personalized Koozie® or Can Cooler.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it’s a sleeve that keeps all of your drinks chilled. They also prevent any accidental slips and look pretty great on every glass. Best of all they’re reusable, so your guests can use them even after your celebration!  

2. Photo Booth Props  

Your 21st birthday needs to be commemorated in the best way possible, so consider designing some custom photo booth props.  

These can range from mug shot signs to flickering glasses and goofy hats. Remember that you don’t need an actual photo booth to use them - create a makeshift one with your phone instead!  

3. Temporary Tattoos

A tipsy mind can lead to some impulsive decisions - tattoos being one of them.  

Since this is one of those “important decisions” your parents have always warned you about, opt for some temporary solutions. You can give removable tattoos as party favors, symbolic of your milestone birthday. Who knows, if you like it so much, you can even make it permanent. Just make sure you’re fully sober when you decide to do that!  

4. Wine Glasses  

Adulthood is all about sophistication. So, it’s time to retire the college staple red plastic cup and choose something a bit classier. Providing customized wine glasses as a birthday party favor will pose elegance and poise.  

However, you still have a pretty long way ahead of you, so fill the glass up with a fun drink - refinement and youthfulness all at the same time!  

5. Shot Syringe  

It’s your birthday, and you’re allowed to have a wild night! To make things a bit more interesting, give your guests a shot syringe instead of opting for the traditional shot glass. You can even set up a pitcher, so your guests can use the syringes at the actual party! They can be pretty fun to use, so don’t go too crazy.  

Do You Have To Give Birthday Party Favors?  

Short answer: Not necessary. But they’re highly recommended as most birthday party favors are 100% customizable to your liking. To make them stand out, opt for practical gifts.

Not only should they serve as mementos, but your guests should also find them convenient. Luckily, there are tons of options, some of which we’ll show you today! 

What Do You Put In a 21st Birthday Goodie Bag?  

You can level things up with a goodie bag filled with all kinds of treats. For instance, you can include personalized T-shirts.  Additionally, you can put in a few liquor bottles, as well as some customized shot glasses and koozies.  

However, since there will probably be a lot of drinking involved, make sure to include a hangover kit - pain relievers, water bottles, vitamins, and sleeping masks are essential! Remember that these goodie bags can be done in any way you want, just as long as they seem memorable and unique to you.  

Just remember to pick out the best party favor ideas for your 21st birthday party. Those that speak volumes about your personality and party theme.

Coldie Holdie: Must-Have Party Favors For Your 21st Birthday

We hope you're as excited about our 21st birthday party favor ideas as we are! Incorporating these into your celebration is a surefire way to make your special day unforgettable.  

We're kind of Koozie® experts, so we suggest you head to our store to personalize a few. Let’s make your party extra epic! Finally, check out the rest of our blogs for more party favor ideas.

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5 Retirement Party Favor Ideas

There’s a famous saying, “Retirement is not the end of the road but the beginning of a new thrilling journey”. Although it might be hard to accept at first, retirement is a huge milestone in one’s life.  

As such, it should be celebrated in all its glory, now you have all the time in the world. Go out there and live life to the fullest.

But before you do that, one thing still needs to be done: a retirement party!  

Retirement parties require a personal touch. The easiest way to achieve this is by including all kinds of party favors.  

If your mind is blank on the matter, we can offer some help. In this blog, you will find some retirement party favor ideas that will surely pave the way to an unforgettable night!  

What Are Typical Party Favors?  

A few things are considered “classic”. For instance, at most parties, you’ll be given a personalized candy, typically inscribed with the retiree’s name and the date. Some hosts might opt for keychains or eye-capturing picture frames.  

One of the most popular retirement party favor ideas is the miniature bottle with some kind of spirit or champagne. What makes them highly attractive is that you can easily etch anything you want on them, offering an incomparable personal touch.  

Speaking of personal touch, the best retirement party favors are those you can completely customize. We’ll give you plenty of ideas below.  

Unique Retirement Party Favor Ideas  

The following retirement party favor ideas are fully customizable. Let your creativity shine through.  

1. Koozie® or Can Cooler Favors  

Let’s face it - no one likes it when their cold drink gets hot or watered down. Spare your guests from going back and forth from the bar for the entire party. Provide them with some can coolers instead.  

Not only will it keep their drinks cold, but it also make for personalized retirement favors. You can inscribe some kind of message that’s significant to the retiree. It’s a practical and beautiful send-off to them and everyone they get to work with.  

To know how many Koozie® or can coolers you’re supposed to get, count the number of guests. Typically, you should give one to each guest. But remember to grab a few extra to ensure everyone gets one. If not all are distributed, you can give them to those who couldn’t attend the party.  

2. Wine Glasses  

Just like candy and mini-bottles, wine glasses are considered a classic in retirement party favors for guests.  

Depending on their size, you can have a little quote etched out on them, but generally, the name and the date of retirement are always included. Plus, the wine glasses will look great with the koozies that we’ve mentioned above!  

3. Coasters  

Why settle for basic coasters when you could have personalized ones? For a more elegant approach, choose an all-glass design with a minimal border, and include a short slogan or a quote. Your guests will truly appreciate this small token of appreciation!  

4. Shot Glasses  

Believe it or not, shot glasses are incredibly versatile. Apart from their obvious purpose, they can even be used as candle holders. That said, if you get a few extra ones, you can even include them in your party decor.  

5. Favor Boxes or Bags  

Who says you only have to give one retirement party favor? Consider giving a box or a bag for the mementos. In case you want to give a couple of small retirement party favors, you should also. You can design a personalized favor bag or a tote. Best of all, these can be reused so many times, so your guest will always remember the rockin’ party you threw for the retiree!  

What Do I Need to Prepare For a Retirement Party?

Before jumping into customizing party favors for a retirement party, you need to take care of the essentials first. This includes sending out invitations, planning food, beverages, and decor.

You should also ask if any of the guests would like to give a toast or a speech. Create a program that puts the retiree in the spotlight and makes sure everyone has a chance to speak. Once the basics are out of the way, you can start pondering retirement party favor ideas.

What Do You Put in a Retirement Gift Basket?  

While the guest will get their fair share of favors, it’s only logical that the retiree also gets some love! One creative way to give a variety of presents is by making a gift basket filled with all kinds of different items.  

For starters, you can include gift cards from the favorite stores of the retiree and even include some of their favorite books or music albums.  

Additionally, a gift basket is incomplete without tasty snacks. Don’t forget to include the retiree’s favorites. As a finishing touch, throw in some thoughtful presents, such as a koozie.  

Celebrating Retirement With a Personal Touch

We hope you’ve enjoyed our retirement party favor ideas. Hopefully, you can use some of them for your own bash! You can never go wrong with a Koozie® or can cooler, as they are incredibly practical.

If you want to design your own, head to our store and share your fun design ideas with us. We’ll work on bringing them to life exactly as you've pictured them.  In the meantime, feel free to read the rest of our blogs for more inspiration and thoughtful ideas.

January 17, 2024 — joshua mcintosh