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Retirement Koozees

Koozee Crazee

Custom Retirement Can & Bottle Coolers + koozie®

Foam Can

57 Colors

$0.25 - $0.81

Neoprene Can

40 Colors

$0.45 - $1.11

Foam Slim Can

38 Colors

$0.48 - $1.29

Neoprene Slim Can

22 Colors

$1.22 - $1.34

Foam Bottle

20 Colors

$0.90 - $1.50

Neoprene Bottle

14 Colors

$1.00 - $1.54

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We love designing and printing custom retirement koozees. Our team of koozee creators are happy to know that we are making a customer's day a little more special. In addition, we hope that your custom koozees will become a lasting keepsake for you and all your guests.

Is your client intending to throw a retirement party for their loved ones, or for their business to thank workers who are retiring after all their hard work? Retirement parties are a happy occasion to celebrate those who have spent a significant portion of their lives working. How do you take such celebrations up a notch? Consider getting customized retirement koozees – can sleeves that are practical in helping to keep drinks cold, and are extremely affordable as well. 


Retirement parties symbolize the end of retirees’ working lives, and the start of them beginning to enjoy and unwind after spending majority of their lives working. It is a celebration of all their hard work poured into their careers, and to thank these retirees for hustling hard. Typically, retirement parties call for good food and drinks to commemorate these retirees who have contributed much in building up businesses and other aspects of society. To make things even more special for these retirees, customized koozees can be distributed for them to keep and look back on fondly.


No matter what kind of retirement parties your clients have in mind, it will probably involve lots of delicious food and drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Giving out koozees at these retirement parties can help party-goers keep their drinks cold. Furthermore, customized koozees will definitely help to make the days of recipients. Retirement parties are a happy event, but can get emotional for those who have spent a large part of their lives attached to an organization or a certain line of work. These koozees can serve as a memento to help them look back on their past achievements, and remember what they have gone through to become the person they are today.

Koozees are also completely customizable, and can be made into whatever your client desires. This includes making them a certain color, or printing certain graphics onto it to make it more meaningful for recipients. Our in-house design team will do their best to ensure your clients like the customized koozees.

Koozees are also extremely durable and are made of good quality materials. This means that they can last a long time without spoiling, making them a great keepsake for retirees to remember their good times at work. These koozees will also be able to fit into a tight budget as they are extremely affordable.


Here at Koozee Crazee, we strive to create memorable moments for all our clients with our koozees. Our design team is able to take in special requests to ensure that clients are happy and satisfied with the end product. We also have many ready templates that clients can choose from. Spend above $150 and we will deliver it to you free of charge to an address within the United States.

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