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Graduation Koozies: Cheers to The Graduate

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Organizing a graduation party? Sneak in a special memento inside each goodie bag! Custom graduation coolers serve as a thoughtful present to remind graduates of the fun memories they have at school.


$0.25 FOR A SAMPLE WITH $6.99 S/H

We offer various graduation Koozie® ideas and designs. Feel free to customize them to match the theme of your graduation ceremony.

Foam Can

57 Colors

Neoprene Can

40 Colors


A graduation celebration doesn’t always have to be formal and serious. In fact, adding an element of fun is key to creating a more enjoyable atmosphere.

At Coldie Holdie, we believe graduations need to be festive and unique! Commemorate each graduate’s years of hard work with a creative souvenir.

Our personalized can koozies for graduates can reflect the exciting nature of this pivotal moment with our one-of-a-kind designs and wordings.


Graduation ceremonies mark the end of an era. Handing out keepsakes helps etch this moment in every graduate’s memory. These keepsakes often take the form of a thoughtful card or apparel item that feature graduation details, such as date and location

While these mementos do the job, you don’t have to join the bandwagon. Move away from the norm and get creative by opting for koozies for the graduate souvenirs.

With Coldie Holdie, you can customize each Koozie® or Can and Bottle Cooler or design a whole batch. We want you to be able to add specific graduation ceremony details, so attendees will remember the special occasion well.

You can also go another route and personalize the koozies with funny or inspiring graduation sayings. It’s sure to make this surprise present more memorable.

Custom Koozie® can koolers and foam can coolers are not just mementos. They’re also very practical. The graduation coolers keep the graduates’ refreshments cool and their hands comfortable during the ceremony.

Coldie Holdie’s soft and water-resistant material will definitely let them sip in peace.

Our graduation Koozies come in either foam or neoprene to remain supple and warm in your hands. They also last a long time and can be used as a functional item at home, especially in summertime.


With affordable prices, every graduate and their guests can receive a Coldie Holdie for themselves.

If you’re searching for cost-effective and reliable graduation, Coldie Holdie offers custom graduation Koozie® perfect for the occasion. Send in your designs and our competent designers will personalize each cooler according to your graduation koozies ideas.

Talk to our service-oriented support personnel for any product inquiries. Sending your orders to the continental U.S.? We offer free shipping for orders over $150 at an expedited rate.

Coldie Holdie graduation koozies are bound to create a lasting impression on the graduates.

Order memorable gifts for your graduation ceremony today. Call us at (877) 885-6419 or send an email to Kudos to the graduates!