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What is a stadium cup?

A stadium cup is a large, reusable party cup designed for large gatherings, such as concerts, sporting events, and weddings. From dazzling glitter inks to custom color-changing stadium cups, these favors can keep guests hydrated and engaged at the reception while serving as adorable keepsakes.

Are custom plastic stadium cups reusable?

Our personalized plastic cups are BPA-free, dishwasher-friendly, and can be reused multiple times. They're more economical than single-use disposable cups, saving you money on excessive bulk purchases and other accessories like cup lids and sleeves.

How big should custom plastic cups be for a wedding?

If you're expecting a lot of guests, larger personalized stadium cups may be preferable so they can get a good amount of cold drinks with each trip to the buffet or bar. Smaller cups may be more appropriate when serving more refined beverages like champagne or cocktails. A good rule of thumb is 16 to 17 oz or less, depending on your reception drinks, wedding theme, and guest list.

How many customized cups are enough for the reception?

Decide the size of the wedding, the type of cup, and your budget to get an accurate count of how many cups you’ll need on your big day. With Koozee Crazee’s custom wedding stadium cups, you can purchase the exact quantity without running out. Every guest has their own—no need to order extra cups or take a gamble and order fewer in the hopes that everyone will drink less.