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If you have a friend who is going through or just went through a divorce, you might be wondering what you can do for them. Naturally, it can depend on how they are handling this latest development. Some people are devastated, they can't imagine what happened, they feel sad that they're going to miss their ex, etc. They don't ever want to get married again, ever, ever, ever. They are heartbroken and ruined.

Other people feel like they are free at last! They can breathe again. They can date again. You might be considering which divorce gifts would be appropriate for your friend right about now.

Regardless of how your friend is handling the divorce, it would be nice to give them a little something – either to make them feel better or to celebrate. Something that no home, RV, picnic basket, home bar, etc., should ever be without is a collection of can coolers.

In fact, these make great gifts. Maybe your friend would like a set of can coolers. Here are some reasons why giving can coolers as gifts is a great idea – whether it's for a divorce or something else.

Very Customizable

Including color, can coolers/holders can be customized in any number of ways. Pick out a clever saying, come up with your own, designate a special date, or even have a picture put on a can cooler. Your options are almost limitless!

Many Different Types

Okay, in addition to can coolers, you can also find bottle coolers or covers. Both come in a variety of materials, and some have different styles in which they are available. For example, some can holders have a top that screws on so it's an honest-to-goodness cooler that holds liquid on its own. Some are adaptable to both cans and bottles.

There are also wraps that don't have an actual bottom. They just wrap around the body of the can or bottle to help keep it a little cooler.

There's even a can holder that has a pop socket on it – similar to the one on the back of a phone that you slip your fingers around. It helps you hold onto your can of soda, juice, sparkling water, or beer.

A Reminder of Good Times

Most everyone has a collection of can coolers in their home. The fun part about going through these collections is the memories each of them triggers when you look at them. If your friend is happy about their divorce, you may want to put some type of celebratory message on the can cooler that boasts about their newfound freedom.

Perfect for the Holidays

In addition to coming in many colors and color schemes, can coolers can be specially customized for holiday celebrations. Give them as gifts or bring them out when you have people over for the holidays.

Shop Coldie Holdie When You Need a Divorce Gift

If you're throwing a big party, getting married, sponsoring a corporate event, need a divorce gift, or something along those lines, order a bunch of custom-made canned coolers today from Coldie Holdie.

We also carry apparel, coasters, announcements/invites, plastic cups, and more. Check us out!

September 21, 2022 — joshua mcintosh