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By nature, people always love celebrations. We will do anything in our power just to have fun with others. We do it for a lot of reasons. Sometimes, a special occasion is not needed for us to party with people close to us. Truth is, celebrating divorce is also possible. While we often think of it as a serious matter that does not need to be celebrated, it can be a way for involved parties to move on, and begin a new life. With this, comes tips that you must consider.

#1 – Order Divorce Cakes

Whether you are hosting an intimate dinner with friends and family who support you in this new life, or you are calling a lot of people to attend the gathering, it is always a good idea to celebrate the occasion with a cake. Divorce cakes take a leap from the usual celebration cakes since dedications can go from "Celebrating Freedom" to "Starting to Move on". There are various designs to choose from, broken hearts being famous, and all sorts of pictures that symbolize your parting ways with someone are good ideas.

#2 – Celebrate through a Divorce Party

You can think outside the box, beyond than just ordering divorce cakes to celebrate your freedom. You can host a divorce party and call-in loved ones to come and be part of your event. You can always choose to have a quiet meal with the most important people in your life at the moment, particularly those whom you know will support you during this difficult time. However, you can always take a higher form of celebration by inviting colleagues, or even neighbors to tell the world you are free. With divorce parties, think of giving away mementos like a personalized Koozie®. You may also choose from different templates for foam can Koozie®.

#3 – Take Divorce Selfies

Selfies are very popular to a lot of people, young and old alike. As a sign that you are beginning to move on with the process that once tormented you, then why not take divorce selfies as well? You can choose from different concepts, and plan ahead of taking a selfie. Sometimes, it can also be as simple as showing off your ring-free finger to the world, particularly those who follow you on social media.

#4 – Start Exploring

Were there times in your married life when you were limited to do things? Were there restrictions? Perhaps, you were not allowed to travel alone, or spend some time even with your closest friends. Maybe, your passions were not within your reach anymore? Now that you are celebrating your divorce, then it is time to explore all possibilities. Pursue your dreams, and do what you want – no more restrictions, whatsoever.

#5 – Welcome the New You

Do not dwell much on the past. Start fresh and let the world know you have moved on from the pain. It is either you change your personal style totally, or go back to who you have been before the marriage. Experiment with your look, and try choosing the path that will make you happier this time. Never think of how others may react to the change. That's you, and how you feel always matters!

November 10, 2022 — joshua mcintosh