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Do you have a buddy who has just gone through a divorce? People handle this occurrence differently. Some are devastated, while others feel like they are finally free and can breathe again. It all depends on the circumstances and the people involved. If your friend is having a bit of a rough time with his newly declared divorce, what can you do to cheer him up a bit?

Let's take a look at some of the best divorce gifts for him, in hopes of brightening his day as a once again single guy.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

You've heard it before, but it's pretty true, most of the time. If you can make your buddy laugh, he might forget about the sadder side of his divorce and smile for a while. There are plenty of novelty items or gag gifts out there, and one that would likely be perfect for him.

A can cooler with an intriguing picture or clever saying on it could bring a smile to his face every time he cracks open a beer or a soda.

A Subscription

This can be a subscription to a magazine that holds his interest, or a number of subscriptions so he always has something to read or look at (to take his mind off of his divorce). Try Sports Illustrated, Esquire, Popular Mechanics, Motor Trend, Fortune, Car and Driver, Men's Health, etc.

You might also consider paying for streaming services for a year (but he can take it from there). Think Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, etc.

A Weekend Away

What if you and your buddy went camping for the weekend? Hunting? Fishing? Not into the out-of-doors? What about a luxury resort? You don't even have to travel all that far, just get away. Maybe a beach somewhere. You two could go surfing, scuba diving, or just hit the restaurants, nightclubs, and bars in the area. You might even consider doing a bit of gambling (unless all his money is going toward alimony or child support).

A Few More Ideas

If the suggestions above didn't quite cut it, consider the following to brighten your divorced friend’s day:

  • A houseplant

  • Care package

  • Tickets to a game

  • Voucher for a spa or a gym membership

  • A book

Customized Can Coolers

You can also throw a divorce party for your friend to celebrate his once-again singlehood. And what is a party without some beer? We, at Coldie Holdie, just love can coolers – all kinds! They're perfect because they can come in nearly every color and can be used for every occasion. They help keep your drink cold and can convey almost any message. If you're throwing him a big party with the whole gang, order a bunch of custom-made can coolers with cool phrases today from Coldie Holdie to cheer your buddy up.

We also carry coasters, apparel, announcements/invites, plastic cups, and more. Check us out!

November 10, 2022 — joshua mcintosh