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Divorce celebration parties are now very popular among divorcees. Some picture the occasion as a way to celebrate the new beginning, while ending the pain of the past. Others, on the other hand, take it as a chance to introduce themselves once more, informing the world that they have moved on. Regardless of your purpose for celebrating one, you need to consider the following things to make the party a success.

#1 – Think of Others

It goes beyond picking a divorce party souvenir, and planning what type of food to prepare for your guests. It is a matter of knowing who should be invited to the party. Since they will be watching you the whole time, as they await your announcement, expect that there are those who would not understand the entire idea. Keep it as low-key as possible, because, just like you, your ex-partner may be going through a hard time. Hearing you celebrating the separation might hurt them all the more.

#2 – The Kind of Party

Parties come in all forms. The varieties are endless, and divorce parties are no exception to that. You can always extend a mile thinking of games for your guests, just to break the ice. You can also prepare divorce cakes. You can think of personalized party favors for your guests too. You may also have a beach party, or a night out in the bar – anything goes. You can enlist the help of your closest friends to make planning a whole lot easier.

#3 – Consider Your Feelings

You have been on a rollercoaster ride for the past few days. The process is challenging, emotionally draining, and mentally overbearing. You want things to be over, and that longing to move on is the primary reason you are hosting a party. If the pain seems to not have occurred to you just yet, then hosting the occasion may not yet be a good idea. Think of your children, and the people around you, and how they are feeling as well. There is always a right time for everything.

#4 – Think of Something Extraordinary

Partying is often synonymous to large crowds, loud music, and dancing until you drop. This is not necessarily the case when you are hosting one to celebrate your divorce. Why not try out something new? If you have been barred from going to the salon the whole duration of your marriage, then why not celebrate the divorce with a spa day with the entire gang. If you were prevented from hanging out with friends at a bar, then go ahead and spend the occasion there with them.

#5 – Get the Guest List Right

There is always that part in us where trusting others would be more difficult, and with a divorce, that virtue may have been lost. You do not want someone ruining the affair for you, so better stick to those who will support you, no matter what. Do not invite someone who will just be there for the gossip. You need emotional support right now, whether you admit it or not, and the last thing you want is having someone at the party who does not intend to do that.

Think of what's next after the party as well. The occasion itself is just the stepping stone to everything. Know what to expect and better be prepared for it too.

November 10, 2022 — joshua mcintosh