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Though it may not be the first thing you think about following a divorce, it's a great idea to throw a party. Whether you and your ex went through an amicable split or you're picking up and moving on from a toxic, dysfunctional relationship, one of the most challenging things facing us as human beings is that of divorce.

Fortunately, it can also be one of the most exciting and liberating experiences you'll ever have. It's worth celebrating a milestone like this. If you're helping your bestie get over her divorce, the following are some divorce party ideas for her to consider.

Happy Trails

Cowboy or cowgirl-themed clothing is what this Western-style party is all about. She can giddy up to a better life now that her divorce is final. Play some country music. Breakout the sarsaparilla!

A Weekend Away

Go camping, find a resort by the beach, go on a two- or three-day cruise – you name it. The whole point is to get away. Let everyone know where you're going or tell them the bare essentials and keep it a surprise.

Don't forget to spend some time at the spa if you're at a resort or on a cruise.

Attempt Another Escape

Now that she has escaped her marriage, she might want to try her hands at an escape room. Bring your cleverest friends and give it a shot. You can set up your own escape room at home if you're up to the challenge, or you can just check around locally.

Dance, Dance, Dance

It doesn't matter what kind of dancing she likes to do – disco, ballroom, jitterbug, breakdancing – just make sure the right kind of music is playing. You might even want to hang one of those big disco balls and shine a light on it. Make sure there's plenty of room, so no furniture gets broken. Or you could rent a hall and really cut loose.

Happy Hour

First of all, there is no saying that happy hour has to be limited to just one hour of the day!

Throw your girlfriend a chic cocktail party. Have everybody wear their little black dress or favorite gown – but bring along something comfortable to change into once the alcohol really starts flowing. Don't forget to hire a sexy bartender.

Pajama Party

This may happen after your chic little cocktail party, albeit unintentionally. But there's nothing wrong with throwing a pajama party, even though you aren't in grade school anymore. They're fun! Pop some popcorn, get pizza delivered, break out the chick flicks, play some board games – talk about ex-husbands. Then again, maybe leave them out of it.

You Will Need Party Favors

From coasters to plastic cups, to can holders/coolers, and more, party favors make any celebration just a little bit better. Buying them at a party store is okay… but ordering customized party favors is even better. Everybody gets to go home with a souvenir!

Throwing a Big Divorce Party? Shop Coldie Holdie for Your Awesome Party Favors

Party favors galore can be found at Coldie Holdie. Can coolers/holders, coasters, plastic cups, and more are available in not just various colors, but for customization. We even have apparel – so you and your girlfriends can all wear a fun shirt.

If you'd like to make your girlfriend’s divorce party the best ever, turn to us for amazing party favors.

November 10, 2022 — joshua mcintosh