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If your buddy has just finalized his divorce or is still going through one, the two of you may not have talked about partying very much. But party you should. Divorce is hard. Sometimes the people involved in it are miserable, sometimes relieved. Sometimes both. As bad as a divorce can be, once it's over, there should definitely be a celebration.

Below, to help you put together the right kind of celebration for your best bud, we will go through some divorce party ideas for him to consider. Talk about it with him or make all the plans with everyone else and surprise him. The point is to put a smile on his face.

You're either going to help him forget about what's been troubling him or assist him in celebrating his newfound freedom. Here are some ideas.

Tickets to a Game

Whatever sport is in season, as long as everyone is in agreement, try to get a large section of seats together at a football game, baseball game, hockey game, etc. Make sure you do plenty of tailgating before and after. Designate a couple of drivers who won't be drinking, or, better yet, book a limo or a bus.

Party Bus

Your friend may have done this when he got married, but now that he's divorced, it's time to do it again. Party buses take you and your friends around town in style. Everybody dances and drinks, while the driver does all the serious work.

Book an Escape Room

Your friend just escaped a marriage, so it's time to try something just as challenging. Check out the local escape rooms and see how many people you can bring with you. If you're feeling particularly clever and creative, you might even want to try to put together your own.

Gangster Bash

Everybody dresses up like a gangster from the roaring 20s, 30s, and thereabouts. Make sure to have enough toy "Tommy Guns" and other props. You may consider hiring a professional photographer to get some really fun shots to remember the night by. Come as your favorite organized crime boss or well-known mafioso member – be it from a movie or real life.

Wild Nights in the Wild West

It's time for cowboy boots, chaps, kerchiefs, cowboy hats, and more. Everybody dresses up as a generic cowboy or picks their own Western character from real life or the movies. Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok, Doc Holliday, Billy The Kid, and more are just a few of the “gents” you may see at the party.

Open Bar Night

Make sure everybody is either staying overnight or has an Uber ride home. Nobody drives drunk! Have plenty of mattresses, cots, blankets, and pillows. You might even consider renting a few rooms in a hotel (and maybe the hall) and really doing things up big.

The bigger the party, the more party favors you are going to need. Plastic cups, coasters, can holders/coolers (or bottle holders), and the like should all be customized with some catchy, clever saying about divorce. Most of these will end up being souvenirs that will bring a smile to the face of everyone who attended.

Shop Coldie Holdie for Your Divorce Party Remembrances

Speaking of party favors, Coldie Holdie has just what you're looking for. We can create the coasters, plastic cups, and can/bottle holders/coolers for your divorce party. You and your buddies will always have something to remember about this shindig.

November 10, 2022 — joshua mcintosh