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Do you know of someone who has gone through the turmoil of separation or divorce? When you do, you may be thinking of ways to cheer her up. You can drive to her place and accompany her all you want, and if she feels like having company. You can also send presents to her place, just to reassure her that you are there. When thinking of the best divorce gift ideas for her, consider the following choices:

#1 – A Sweet Treat's Box

Sweets have their way to cheering up somebody who has been down. That can be a great start for a gift option for a friend who has been divorced. Include a note in the box beyond saying "I'm just here." Phrases like "New-found freedom and happiness", as well as "Thank you, next" are good to go with this box of goodies. Make sure to choose the other party's favorites.

#2 – Divorce Paper Candles

Such candles were designed to give a scent of freshly signed divorce papers. How does that smell? You may ask. It actually goes beyond the scent of burning paper. It can either be infused with red sangria, or vanilla, or even cucumber watermelon. This gift is a good way to send positive vibes to your recipient.

#3 – A New Set of Sheets

There is that smell on the sheets that may remind someone of the people they have lost, an ex or a loved one. If you want your friend to totally move on from the situation, you can always gift her with sheets of her favorite color. Having a fresh set to replace the old one can symbolize departing from the past, and welcoming the present.

#4 – A Basket Filled with Spa Goodies

Aside from sending sweet treats, or candles to the other party, you may also concoct a box of her most favorite skin care products. You can also try something new, one that can calm her senses, and naturally soothe her of her emotions at this time. Lavender-infused goodies are great ideas to go inside the spa basket, since these ones are known for their calming after-effects.

#5 – A Box of Her Favorite Wines

As your friend is going through a tough time, there are days when drinking a bottle of wine can calm her down. In case you have visited her and you have seen the wine cupboard empty from days of feeling lonely, then why not gift her another box of wine bottles? Even if your friend is not a good drinker, she can use the wine once she decides to host a divorce party with close friends.

#6 – Throw Her A Party When She's Ready

Who says only tangible gifts will be well-appreciated by the other? When you think it is time to celebrate the divorce, you can initiate it. Plan for the party ahead of time. Think of inviting people who are guaranteed to support your friend too. When planning the party, make sure there are divorce party keepsakes prepared as well. Can Coolers & Koozie® that say "Tastes like freshly signed divorce papers" can be a good place to start.

November 10, 2022 — joshua mcintosh