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You have seen someone being so down because she has been through a tough time after the divorce. There were days when she feels reenergized, but there are days when things can be particularly challenging as well. From this rollercoaster of emotions, there will be a day when there seems to be a sudden change in these feelings. When you feel like it is time to throw a divorce party, make sure you consider the following tips for it to be successful.

#1 – Choose the Best Location for the Occasion

A wellness retreat will be ideal at the moment, but of course, anything goes, for as long as it will make your friend happy. You can go on a glamping trip with the rest of the gang, or book a fancy hotel accommodation too. You can also have the party celebrated at your friend's home. There are plenty of party venues to choose from, and as long as you consider what will make your guest of honor happy, you can give it a go.

#2 – Keep it as Intimate as Possible

You do not want a lot of people gossiping about your friend's situation, and throwing a party can be a reason for that to happen. Choose your guests wisely, limiting the invitation list to the closest friends and family members. It is a personal life event we are talking about here, and your friend deserves to choose who will be part of the guest list.

#3 – There Must be a Purpose

Forget about the nastiness or bitterness of the separation in its entirety. The divorce party, after all, is a time to empower your friend who is about to start a new chapter in her life. The party, in itself, must be planned to include that intention. You can do so when you order divorce cakes that have been designed to signify that purpose. Some divorce party Koozie® can also be used to express that emotion. A foam can Koozie® that says "I do, I did, I'm done" can be a good way to embody that intention too.

#4 – Stick to the Guest List

You might be tempted to text all of your friends to let them know about the party, and without looking into the guest list, you may have invited more people than you expect. If you are after making the divorcee happy, it pays to just send invites to the closest friends. Put a great message or slogan to the invites, so that others may have the idea of what it is all about.

#5 – Focus on Making the Celebrant Happy

This is a great way to keep their emotions in check. Forget about those love songs, and melancholic vibe at the party venue. She has been through all that for how many days, or even months already. Make the atmosphere light-hearted. You can make a playlist, with upbeat songs about moving on.

It pays to celebrate an end to a devastating chapter in your friend's life. Remember to make sure they are ready when doing so. Once you have all the above tips in mind, everything will be a success.

November 10, 2022 — joshua mcintosh