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Wedding guests clinking glasses
When planning a wedding, most couples aim for authenticity and uniqueness. Soon-to-be-weds will do anything to ensure their celebration is one-of-a-kind. From choosing an opulent venue to picking your unforgettable culinary experience and spectacular entertainment.    

Some, if not most of your guests love to commemorate the event with a precious memento. Just looking at it should take you back to a time when all of your closest ones gathered to celebrate and honor your unique love story.  

For that reason, couples nowadays have started focusing on custom wedding favors, such as wedding Koozie® or Can Coolers. These tokens bring an unparalleled personal touch - and you should too!  

Common Wedding Favor Ideas

Now, there’s an array of ideas for wedding favors/Edible wedding favors, such as candy or jars of honey, are the most popular choice. Home decor, such as mini succulents are also a favorite.  

Luxurious sets, such as mini champagne bottles with bottle openers, are perfect presents to your principal sponsors.

But you can always switch things up. Guests will love your creative approach, especially if you go for personalized wedding favors.  

A perfect example: Wedding can coolers. These wedding favors are ones that keep on giving. Not only are they unique, they’re highly practical as well. In fact, your guests can start using them right at the wedding reception.  

Read on to discover why koozies make for the perfect wedding favor.  

Why Can Coolers Are The Latest Party Favor

Here are a few reasons why you should shop for wedding koozies for your big day. We also list some of the benefits that come with them:

1. Can Coolers Are Really Practical!  

Wedding favor ideas should be unique. But practicality is also a factor. Unfortunately, most couples tend to overlook it.  

Surely, a personalized glass or picture frame is a beautiful gift to give to your guests. But they’ll usually find themselves tucked away in some corner and could easily be forgotten.  

On the other hand, candy is eaten right on the spot. While delicious, they don’t have such a practical use except for satisfying your sweet tooth when needed.  

Wedding Koozies are the polar opposite of this! Not only can they be customized in any way that you want, their most useful quality is that they keep your drinks cool. Many times, our drinks get watered down and lose freshness. This can happen in the summer, or when we’re busy chit-chatting with friends—two factors that are usually the case the case for your wedding day.  

Your wedding guests are up on their feet socializing. You want their mini bottles and champagne glasses as cool as your wedding favor.  Slipping on a Koozie® will keep their drinks chilled for hours on end.  

A wedding Koozie® is reusable. So after your celebration, they can keep it and use it for another time (hint: summer time).

2. You Can Design Can Coolers The Way You Want  

Wedding can coolers are customizable. Not all have the same aesthetic, therefore, coming up with unique wedding favor ideas is really important.  

You can take inspiration from our pre-made design. Choose one that fits your style. If you would like to take a shot at it, you’re more than welcome. Add you and your partner’s favorite photos or special quotes. You can even share a heartfelt letter to all your guests. It’s up to you.  

At Coldie Holdie, we’ll help you every step of the way. We’ll even provide some design ideas for you!  

4. There’s No Limit With What You Can Do With Can Coolers

Wedding guests with glass in hand

Koozie® and Can Coolers aren’t just for weddings. Whether it’s for a birthday party or graduation, you’ll find a use for these drink coolers for all kinds of occasions.  

You could either set them out on the table or slip them onto every cup. Once the party’s over, your guests can take them home and find further use for them. So, whenever you feel like a personal touch is missing from your celebration, customizing can coolers is the way to go!  

5. Reliable Koozie® and Can Cooler Suppliers Are Key  

Apart from choosing the perfect design to go along with your drink coolers, you need to find a reliable supplier that can execute your vision perfectly. You need to keep an eye on quality and excellent customer care.  

Most importantly, your Koozie® or Can Cooler supplier should always be available to you and they need to be cooperative, meaning that they should keep you in the know throughout the entire process.  

At Coldie Holdie, we greatly value our customers, as our mission is to provide sublime service every single time.  

When you shop for weddingcan coolers, you begin by choosing a pre-made template or your own design. Next, it’s important to include any little details you’d like to be included, like a special symbol or a heartwarming message.  

After we get all the details, we’ll show you what your can cooler would look like. Once everything looks perfect, we’ll ship them directly to you! When purchasing, we suggest you get a few extra can coolers for any guests who cannot come to your wedding, or have them at bay just in case!  

Send Guests Home With A Gift

Wedding can coolers don’t only offer unique presents to your guests. They also elevate the party. You can go above and beyond with your design.  

Make sure to customize to the fullest extent so they perfectly go along with your aesthetic. Check out our store and start customizing the most authentic wedding favors!
January 17, 2024 — josh mcintosh