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Well, guess what? You’re officially stepping into adulthood as you celebrate your 21st birthday—big congrats! Finally, no more stressing about whether your fake ID looks convincing (we promise, we won’t spill your secret!).  

On a more serious note, you’ve already taken your twenties on a test run. While you still have a lot of time and space for self-exploration, it’s time to start setting some long-term goals. First things first, though - you should start planning your 21st wild bash!  

Your 21st  is one of those birthdays that requires you to go all out. Let your creativity run wild and think about different ways to make your celebration unique. 

The theme and decor play crucial roles. But don’t overlook one element that will make your party unforgettable.  

Something like a memento that will evoke sweet memories every time you look at it. So today, we’re sharing some of our favorite 21st birthday party favor ideas for that unique touch.  

Fun, Creative 21st Birthday Ideas and Inspirations

Before we get into our top 21st birthday party favors, think about what type of party you want to throw.  

Many people want to flaunt their new ID, so a night out in town is somewhat of a custom. Alternatively, you could throw a house party. This way you’ll have more liberty to decorate the setting however you like. If you feel more creative, throw a themed event.  

Lastly, you can also take your friends on a trip or organize a day filled with thrilling experiences. Whichever option you choose, remember to include 21st birthday favors to make your memorable for years to come.  

5 Party Favors For 21st Birthday Ideas

Finally, we present you with 21st birthday party favor ideas. They’re fully customizable, so you’re allowed (advised, even) to go bold and think outside the box. Take a look at some of our suggestions.  

1. Koozie® or Can Coolers

Drinks and 21st birthdays go hand-in-hand. But now that you’re officially of age, there’s no need to settle for that lukewarm vodka hiding in your cupboard You deserve a frosty, refreshing beverage to toast to this milestone.  

Keep everyone’s drink fresh and cold at your party. Once your guests enter, provide them with a personalized Koozie® or Can Cooler.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it’s a sleeve that keeps all of your drinks chilled. They also prevent any accidental slips and look pretty great on every glass. Best of all they’re reusable, so your guests can use them even after your celebration!  

2. Photo Booth Props  

Your 21st birthday needs to be commemorated in the best way possible, so consider designing some custom photo booth props.  

These can range from mug shot signs to flickering glasses and goofy hats. Remember that you don’t need an actual photo booth to use them - create a makeshift one with your phone instead!  

3. Temporary Tattoos

A tipsy mind can lead to some impulsive decisions - tattoos being one of them.  

Since this is one of those “important decisions” your parents have always warned you about, opt for some temporary solutions. You can give removable tattoos as party favors, symbolic of your milestone birthday. Who knows, if you like it so much, you can even make it permanent. Just make sure you’re fully sober when you decide to do that!  

4. Wine Glasses  

Adulthood is all about sophistication. So, it’s time to retire the college staple red plastic cup and choose something a bit classier. Providing customized wine glasses as a birthday party favor will pose elegance and poise.  

However, you still have a pretty long way ahead of you, so fill the glass up with a fun drink - refinement and youthfulness all at the same time!  

5. Shot Syringe  

It’s your birthday, and you’re allowed to have a wild night! To make things a bit more interesting, give your guests a shot syringe instead of opting for the traditional shot glass. You can even set up a pitcher, so your guests can use the syringes at the actual party! They can be pretty fun to use, so don’t go too crazy.  

Do You Have To Give Birthday Party Favors?  

Short answer: Not necessary. But they’re highly recommended as most birthday party favors are 100% customizable to your liking. To make them stand out, opt for practical gifts.

Not only should they serve as mementos, but your guests should also find them convenient. Luckily, there are tons of options, some of which we’ll show you today! 

What Do You Put In a 21st Birthday Goodie Bag?  

You can level things up with a goodie bag filled with all kinds of treats. For instance, you can include personalized T-shirts.  Additionally, you can put in a few liquor bottles, as well as some customized shot glasses and koozies.  

However, since there will probably be a lot of drinking involved, make sure to include a hangover kit - pain relievers, water bottles, vitamins, and sleeping masks are essential! Remember that these goodie bags can be done in any way you want, just as long as they seem memorable and unique to you.  

Just remember to pick out the best party favor ideas for your 21st birthday party. Those that speak volumes about your personality and party theme.

Coldie Holdie: Must-Have Party Favors For Your 21st Birthday

We hope you're as excited about our 21st birthday party favor ideas as we are! Incorporating these into your celebration is a surefire way to make your special day unforgettable.  

We're kind of Koozie® experts, so we suggest you head to our store to personalize a few. Let’s make your party extra epic! Finally, check out the rest of our blogs for more party favor ideas.

January 17, 2024 — joshua mcintosh