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When the holiday seasons come around, companies may think about sending corporate gifts to clients and employees to thank them for the hard work they have contributed for the past year. Usually, typical gifts the companies send to other corporate places include custom cookies, fruit arrangements, floral bouquets and more. Since now many offices are emptier as a result of the pandemic, corporate gifting has become a bit more challenging. Read on to find out more about some corporate gifting ideas to consider in order to spread joy while staying safe. 

Gifts that are Department Specific 

One way to get around giving practical gifts to clients is to ask the department managers what the department is most in need of now. If the work requires employees to be constantly looking at a screen, perhaps some gifts that encourage self-care like soap, succulent deliveries or even cute socks can help to make an employees’ day. 

Gift Cards  

Gift cards are also a very practical option, as both employees and clients are able to choose what they want for themselves. Send them gift cards to meaningful places that are both practical and delightful for recipients. This is also the perfect chance to support local businesses by sending others gift cards to these businesses. You can consider gift cards to restaurants, food places, book stores, furniture shops and more. 

Charitable Gifts 

Another meaningful gift to consider is charitable gifts and giving back to society. If your company and your clients are united by a certain beneficiary or cause, then a meaningful gift would be to extend a charitable donation to that organization, such as donating to them or organizing an event for them. It could be a virtual event that involves volunteers, like a food drive or clothing drive. 

Give Employees Time Off 

According to research done by Harvard Business School, employees are getting burnt out more easily during the pandemic as it is more difficult to draw a line between work and rest. One gift that employees would definitely love is the gift of time- giving employees a few more days off in December, or encouraging them to clear their leave could be the best gift to them. 

Gift your Clients and Employees Koozees

Another cute idea would be to gift your employees and clients customized koozees. These koozees can help to keep drinks cool, and are the perfect gift that will brighten up recipients’ days especially since it shows recipients you are thinking of them. Koozees are also great for the holiday season, and can be customized in any way you like. Koozee Crazee sells customized koozies in bulk, and companies are able to send in special requests to the design team at Koozee Crazee. The design team will also be able to accommodate special requests. If companies are not sure about what designs to get, Koozee Crazee has a range of ready-made templates for customers to choose from. 

After a complicated year full of changes and challenges, sending a small present to employees and clients can mean a lot to them. If you are interested in sending customized koozees to your clients and employees, feel free to contact Koozee Crazee today! 

April 12, 2021 — SmartSites