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Koozies can be found everywhere today, especially at venues and settings where beer is popular. You may refer it to as “cozy” “beer jacket” or “drink sleeve” but one thing is for sure: koozies are convenient and practical. They are easy to slip into your bag for a day out, not taking up much space. To this end, businesses love using koozies as marketing merchandise and chances are, you even have one or two promotional koozies in your collection!

Despite the widespread use and love of koozies, one thing most people cannot agree on is how the koozie came about. Although we may never know for sure, there are several theories going around about the history of the koozie. We outline these for you in this article.

British Tradition

One story that surrounds the origin of koozies lies in British tradition. Knitted koozies for tea kettles aim to keep the cold out, keeping tea warm for longer. It is from this koozie that the beer koozie is said to take its inspiration: instead of keeping the cold out, it would keep the cold in.

Australian Surfer Culture

Another tale that goes around regarding the koozie’s origin is that a beta version was created in Australia and became commonly used by surfers. Although there is no way of knowing if the koozie we use today originated from this phenomenon, koozies are still known as “stubby holders” in Australia!

Radio Cap Corporation (RCC) Trademark

Regardless of where the koozie traces its humble origins from, the RCC trademarked the term “koozie” in 1980. Amongst the first koozies produced by the RCC were ones cylindrical in shape and made of foam, however they tended to be quite rigid. A decade or so later, soften foam and neoprene koozies started becoming more popular, and are closer to the version we know and use today. However, there proved to be some limitations with these koozies, in that they could not fit every single can or bottle. To this end, koozies made of flexible material that could “hug” your drink were invented as well.

Ever since RCC’s trademark on the term “koozie” lapsed in 2001, there has been an ongoing legal battle over the right to use the name “koozie”. Alternative spellings include koozee, cozy, cozee and more.

University of Washington Study

Koozies attracted academic and scientific attention in 2013 when a group of scientists from the University of Washington decided to conduct an experiment around how they work. This study attracted funding from the National Science Foundation and National Center for Atmospheric Research. The result? Koozies have been proved to keep your drink cold for longer by preventing condensation from happening.

Get Customized Koozies for Your Brand or Event

Despite the mystical origins of koozies, one thing we can all agree on today is that they make great promotional gifts and party favors. If you are looking to customize koozies for your brand or event, look no further than that Koozee Crazee. We are able to create a design for you based on your unique needs and preferences. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Koozee Crazee today for a quote and/or recommendation.

March 24, 2021 — SmartSites