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Our foam can coolers make the perfect wedding favor. Available in a wide range of print and product colors and product patterns, there’s a perfect custom foam can cooler for your special day when you shop with Coldie Holdie!

Foam Can Cooler Wedding Favors 

Looking for the perfect way to commemorate your special day while providing guests with fun, personalized wedding favors? Our wedding foam can coolers are the perfect personalized gift. Plus, they’re practical, too. 

Whether you’re having an open bar or not, guests will enjoy the practicality of our custom foam wedding koozies both during and long after your big day is over.

Benefits of Using a Koozie®

There are many benefits to using a Koozie for drinks. That, of course, includes our foam can coolers and custom wedding can coolers!

Some of the main reasons your wedding guests might appreciate using our foam can coolers, aside from their cute design, are:

  • Koozie® can koolers and foam can coolers keep drinks cold longer, which can be ideal in the sometimes hot environments where wedding receptions take place (i.e. a tent outdoors in summer; a destination wedding at a beach, etc).
  • Can coolers protect table surfaces, which is ideal, especially if you’re renting tables for your big day.
  • Can coolers help people identify their drinks — especially if you choose to personalize each Koozie® for each individual guest on your wedding invite list.
  • Koozie® and foam can coolers protect cans and bottles, which can be helpful when that one drunk Aunt or Uncle has one too many and drops their beer on the floor (Oops!).
  • Can coolers are cost-effective, especially if you buy them in bulk for a special event such as your wedding day.

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Ready to give your guests a custom wedding souvenir they’ll cherish forever, even if only for its practical value? Our custom foam wedding Can Coolers are the way to go!