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Three women celebrating at a bachelorette party

Team bride, let’s get real. No epic bachelorette bash is complete without the perfect party favors. But finding something to capture the spirit of the bride-to-be's big day and make everyone feel extra special isn’t always easy. 

That’s why we’ve searched high and low for the bachelorette party favors that strike the perfect balance between fun, flair, and functionality. These 10 handpicked options will ensure every guest leaves with a smile and the bride-to-be feels showered with love and appreciation. 

Party Prep 101: Bachelorette Party Favor Packages 

Bachelorette parties allow the bride-to-be to have a memorable, fun-filled event with her closest female friends and family before she ties the knot. It could be a glamorous night out, a relaxing spa day, a tropical getaway, or any party theme. 

Distributing bachelorette party gifts can help set the tone for the celebration. It’s optional, but the hosts organizing the event may opt to cover the expenses and initiate its distribution. Sometimes the bride-to-be herself assumes responsibility or contributes to the cost. 

Bachelorette party favor ideas are fun and festive, but they can also be practical. Here are some ideas to make your bachelorette party favor bags extra special. 

10 Party Favors for Bachelorette Parties 

Small gift bags for guests

We’ve compiled a list of 10 bachelorette party favor ideas that tick all the boxes: practical, unique, budget-friendly, and customizable. Choose favors that not only reflect the bride’s personality but also enhance the experience for everyone involved. 

  1. Hangover kits. Hangover gummies, pain relievers, electrolyte packets, and soothing eye masks in cute, tiny pouches make handy bachelorette party favors. After a night of celebration, guests may appreciate having essential items on hand to alleviate any post-party discomfort.  
  2. Beach towels. Are you having a pool- or beach-themed bachelorette weekend? Lounge in style with beach towels embroidered with each guest’s name. They can double as thoughtful gifts for the bride, serving as a lasting memento of her special weekend with her closest friends. 
  3. Plush spa robes. If you have the extra budget, plush spa robes are a better upgrade than beach towels. It’s the perfect favor for a spa day or relaxation session in your itinerary. Coordinate the robe color or style with the event’s overall aesthetic for a cohesive look. 
  4. Cute bandanas. Keep the squad looking chic with matching bandanas, with a classic white bandana for the bride-to-be. Options include crochet, pastel tie-dye, gingham bandanas, and more. They’re the perfect accessory for group photos and #BacheloretteParty Instagram-worthy party moments. 
  5. Monogrammed sleep masks. Sleep masks are useful gift ideas for travel, home use, or whenever someone needs a little extra shuteye. Opt for high-quality sleep masks made from soft, comfortable fabrics like silk or satin to ensure maximum comfort. Consider monogramming them with each guest’s initial or nickname. 
  6. Self-care pamper kits. Treat your squad to self-care pamper kits filled with luxurious skincare products, bath salts, and candles for a relaxing night in. Alternatively, set up a self-care station where guests can pick out what they want to toss into their bachelorette gift bag. 
  7. Mini champagne bottles. Whether you’re having a formal dinner, a casual brunch, or a night out in the town, champagne is versatile for any occasion. Explore options for custom labels or tags to personalize the champagne bottles. Sparkling wine, including prosecco, cava, and sparkling rosé, is a suitable alternative if champagne doesn’t quite fit your budget. 
  8. DIY terrazzo coasters. Crafting terrazzo coasters can be a fun bonding activity for the party guests. You can purchase materials in bulk and customize them to fit your budget. Note: Use non-toxic materials like resin, pigment powders, and coaster molds to ensure durability and safety for use as drink coasters. 
  9. Paper shoot cameras. For intimate gatherings, Paper Shoot cameras are the perfect party favors. Guests can snap candid shots throughout the bash, and they get to keep the cameras for more fun afterward. They require a higher upfront cost, but their unique value and appeal justify the investment. 
  10. Koozie can coolers. These are the ultimate customizable bachelorette party favors to match your party theme or the bride-to-be’s personality. Koozies can keep your beers and sodas cold and prevent condensation for longer periods. Plus, they’re a sustainable option for customizable single-use plastic drink pouches. 

With these must-have bachelorette party favors, your bachelorette party will surely be one for the books. Make every moment unforgettable with these bachelorette party favor bag ideas. 

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May 01, 2024 — Ashley Kirchner