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Rhode Island

Thinking of the perfect gift for a client’s event can be stressful. Save yourself the trouble with Koozee Crazee’s custom koozees. You can customize the designs and do bulk orders at attractive prices in order to maximize your client’s cost savings. Not only does Koozee Crazee offer beautiful designs, we also allow personalized designs to be submitted to help add on to the spirit of a memorable event.

About Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a state in the U.S. that is located in the New England area. Rhode Island is the smallest U.S. state by area, measuring at 1,214 square miles. It is also the seventh-least populous, with slightly more than 1 million people. Known as the "Ocean State", Rhode Island is popular for its large and beautiful bays. 

Wedding Koozees in Rhode Island

At some point in their lives, most people have dreamed of having a beautiful wedding. Weddings are undoubtedly an important event; a memory that the couple and their loved ones cherish for the rest of their lives. It is not unusual therefore, that couples spend extra effort to make it the wedding of their dreams. Wedding koozees make great wedding favors as they can be customized according to how the couple would like them. For instance, the names of the happy couple and wedding date could be printed on the koozee to be given to guests.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Koozees in Rhode Island

Everyone knows how wild and exciting bachelor and bachelorette parties can get. Alcohol and games are common fare at these parties. If your client is having a bachelor or bachelorette party in the summer, it is important to stop the beers from getting warm too fast with koozees. They can be customized to preference, from color to the printed design on the koozee, ensuring that guests will always drink in style.

Election Koozees in Rhode Island

Throwing a party to show support for political parties during upcoming elections is exciting, but it can be made better with election koozees. Election koozees can be ordered in bulk and distributed during election events.

Holiday Koozees in Rhode Island

When the holidays arrive, throwing holiday-themed parties can make the date more special and memorable. Regardless of whether it is St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, or Christmas, holiday koozees help make celebrations more special for the hosts and guests to have a fun and memorable time together.

Why Should Businesses in Rhode Island Work with Koozee Crazee?

Koozee Crazee believes that when we make custom koozees for our clients, it’s not just koozees that we print: we provide keepsakes of the memory of events. Our experienced design team can help to come up with a unique, beautiful design for the custom koozees to perfectly fit the event. We offer free shipping within the U.S. for all orders above $150.

If you have more questions about our Koozees in Rhode Island, feel free to contact us today. You may call us at 618-464-4381 or send an email to