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When you want to advertise your brand today, you have two choices: doing so online or offline. Online marketing can be effective in generating new leads and interest, however that is not to say offline marketing does not come with perks. With more and more sophisticated ad blockers out there, your online ad may not even get as much exposure as you would like. Think about it: have you been neglecting a tried and tested way of offline marketing that has stood the test of time? Everyone loves freebies – not only is personalized merchandise welcome by customers, particularly if they are useful, they can be a very effective way of subtly promoting your brand.

What Kind of Personalized Merchandise?

So, you have decided on personalized merchandise as a marketing strategy. The question now is, what kind of merchandise should you get? From tote bags and T-shirts to pens and keychains, there are a wide variety of options in the market today. However, you will want to think about the practicality of each item when making a decision. You do not want customers to use the product once and cast it aside, or simply relegate it to a junk drawer. While tote bags and pens can be useful, the truth is that many of us have accumulated a large number of similar items over the years. Have you ever thought about giving away promotional koozies to promote your brand?

Benefits of Customized Koozies

If you are unfamiliar with what a koozie is, simply put, a koozie is a sleeve for cans and bottles. Not only is it practical, it is convenient to carry around and can be used by almost everyone: after all, who never drinks from a can or bottle? Below are some more benefits of getting customized koozies for your business:

  • Cost-Effective: The benefits of koozies being so small and requiring little material adds up to its cost effectiveness. When deciding on a product to go with, you need to take budget into account. With such a small and versatile product, you can be sure that you are not spending more than what you can afford.
  • Versatile: Koozies can be found and used at many events, from sports matches to carnivals and festivals. When people use a koozie with your brand logo at an event with many attendees, it’s akin to free advertising for your business.
  • Practical: Anyone who drinks cold drinks – which is practically everyone – has a use for koozies. Although mainly used to hold beer cans and bottles, koozies can hold any can or bottle as long as they meet the specific dimensions. Not only do they help to keep your drink cool, your hands do not get wet from the condensation.

Get Customized Koozies for Your Brand

Are you looking to market your brand through personalized merchandise? Do you want a design created specially for you? if so, please do not hesitate to contact us at Koozee Crazee today for a quote and/or recommendation.


January 10, 2021 — SmartSites