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Koozies are popular as giveaway items for many reasons: not only are they lightweight and practical, they are budget friendly as well. If you are working within a budget but would still like to leave an impression, koozies are the way to go. You may be thinking that only brands and businesses make use of customized koozies, however, that is not true. Read on to find out more about who can use customized koozies.

Weddings and Events

Looking for a cool yet affordable keepsake to give out at your wedding? A koozie with your initials and the date printed on it will leave a deep impact. What’s more, guests can use it immediately: there are sure to be plenty of drinks going around on your big day!

Hotels and Resorts

Giving away koozies with your establishment’s name and contact details on it can be a great marketing tactic. Either as a welcome gift or as souvenirs in your gift shop, guests can make good use of your koozies when lounging poolside, drink in hand. In addition, if they wish to recommend your establishment to friends or family, all they have to do is show them the koozie.

Restaurants and Bars

Are you hosting your restaurant’s or bar’s grand opening soon? If so, why not give away customized koozies? Customers can use them on the spot when they order drinks, and it also serves as a great promotional tactic when they use them elsewhere.

Sports Teams

Cold drinks are a welcome refresher during those hot summer days. Your sports team will have an instant use for custom koozies and you can even foster team spirit with your team’s name and logo printed on it.

Boats and Cruises

What do most people do when they have some idle time on a boat or cruise? That’s right: drink! Get customized koozies to accompany your cooler of cold drinks and give them out to your passengers. Everyone appreciates a cold drink on a hot day and with koozies, your drinks can stay colder for even longer.

Fundraisers and Auctions

Hosting a fundraiser for a cause you care about? Use customized koozies to promote your event. Some ideas include giving them away for each raffle ticket sold or as part of a larger gift basket.

Golf and Sporting Courses

Do you own a golf course where customers can pay to play? Keep your customers refreshed with a selection of cold drinks and koozies to keep them cold for longer. As a bonus, when they use your koozie outside of your premises, it’s akin to free advertising!

Get Customized Koozies for Your Business or Event

Are you convinced that giving away customized koozies will make sense for your business or event? If so, look no further than that Koozee Crazee. We are able to create a design for you based on your unique needs and preferences. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Koozee Crazee today for a quote and/or recommendation.

March 24, 2021 — SmartSites