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With an increasing number of events going virtual, you may be wondering what type of merchandise is best to give away. The truth is that customers value simplicity and practicality and more than ever today, eco-friendly options. To this end, you should give merchandise that can be reused again and again, not products that are to be discarded after one use. In this article, we share with you some gift ideas you can turn into merchandise for virtual events.


The iconic T-shirt never runs out of style. When people are supportive of a cause, it’s almost a badge of honor to wear a T-shirt bearing the organization’s or company’s logo. The trick is to keep it simple with a powerful statement or message, avoiding making it too complicated.

Water Bottles

An increasing number of people are avoiding plastic bottles that are discarded after one use for environmental reasons. To this end, giving out water bottles that can be reused time and again is always a welcome gift. A functional and inexpensive gift idea, the functionality of water bottles is sure to make it a great hit. You may also want to consider throwing in a metal straw set for each water bottle sold or given away, encouraging people to go one step further and say no to plastic straws.


You can never go wrong with stickers – let us explain why. Besides being inexpensive to produce and ship, pasting a sticker on a laptop or bottle is akin to giving a brand or company personal endorsement. If someone feels that they can get behind your cause or organization, they are likely to place a sticker somewhere visible. When others see it, they will come to recognize your brand as trustworthy and well-liked, which is publicity you can’t buy.

Coasters and Koozies

Before the ongoing pandemic, mealtimes used to be a time where everyone can get together. With virtual events, you may have to dine alone, although it can be said you are accompanied by all other attendees digitally. Make it one to remember by gifting a coaster or koozie at your virtual event. No doubt, your attendees will have a drink or two throughout the event and will need something to place their cup or bottle on.

Get Koozies as Merchandise for Virtual Events

Are you looking to give away koozies as merchandise for your virtual event? If so, look no further than Koozee Crazee as your one-stop shop. Whether you already have a design in mind or require custom design services, we can create a unique logo for your event or brand that will look stunning on a koozie and is sure to remain in customers’ minds. If you have any questions about our custom designs, koozies and coasters or would like to get a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us at Koozee Crazee today.
May 04, 2021 — SmartSites