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Plastic cups are a blessing in disguise. They are not just lightweight and comfortable to use but are equally durable to offer safety of use by people of all ages. They are commonly used for various events and celebrations like weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, and others. Some people prefer using plastic cups over glass cups and below are some reasons why they are making this choice.

Saves Time

Plastic cups are often made available in the form of disposables. Thus, there is no cleaning up involved after usage. This helps event organizers save a lot of time as opposed to using glass cups that need to be washed at the end of the day. Event organizers are also able to save on manpower as they do not need to hire a dishwashing team.


When organizing a children’s party, many factors need to be taken into account. One of the most essential points is to ensure the safety of the children. By using plastic cups, the risk of the cups causing injury is greatly reduced to a bare minimum. Glass cups, on the other hand, are highly fragile, and shattered glass can cause injury. However, if your event requires the use of glass cups for that touch of elegance, make use of can koozees which can protect the glass from being smashed and keep your drinks cold for much longer.


Plastic cups are much cheaper than glass cups. They require cost-effective materials to manufacture, thus costing much lower than glass cups. The savings that you get to enjoy by buying plastic cups can be used for other essentials instead.


Plastic cups weigh much lesser than glass cups, thus being a much easier option to transport. It will require lesser manpower to deliver them and a smaller amount of space to store them.

Many Color Options

There is always a large variety of color options made available in stores when you choose plastic cups. This makes it so much easier to select the right color option to match the theme of the party or the style of the table setting.

Easily Accessible

Almost any store is bound to sell plastic cups. They are often sold in bulk as they are cheap to source for. Thus, you can easily get hold of a large number of plastic cups almost anywhere and even at the very last minute.

Making an Ideal Choice

Whichever type of cups that you prefer, be sure to always weigh in on the options that you have. If you prefer plastic cups, the abovementioned advantages are definitely worth sticking to your choice. However, if the event that you are organizing requires you to pick the glass cups, there are always durable and unique koozees available by the bulk at Koozee Crazee for all the protection you need!

October 19, 2021 — SmartSites