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Postponed Weddings/Date Changes

With all the chaos in the world right now, many couples are having to re-arrange their entire weddings! We’ve had many couples reach out to us who had previously placed koozee order, but since have had to move their wedding dates. Although we can’t imagine having to deal with that mess, we can offer our help in one of those aspects - the koozees! Don’t let your guests' drinks go cold, we have a helpful solution! 

For those of you who are worried about placing an order because you do not have a date yet, we have a solution for you too! If you have chosen a template from our website, and it has a date on it, you have the option to completely delete it from the design! If it looks too plain for your liking, you can add more text, or clip art from our gallery where we have tons of different options! If you have not chosen a template yet, try looking for one that doesn’t have a date at all, that way you don’t have to worry about any unexpected changes that might happen! The final option would be to use our design your own option! Here, you are able to create your own koozee from scratch using our clip art options, then add your text (if you choose to do so) & you’re done!

If you have placed an order with us & had to make a change to your wedding date, here are the available options : 

#1. You cannot return the koozees. As much as we would like to, this is not possible because once the koozees have been printed on, it is impossible to get the ink off, or print over the ink. Whatever is on the koozees, will stay on the koozees. Therefore, we would have no use with koozees….unless you’re asking us to drink out of them...that we can do! 

#2. The best thing to do in ANY confusing situation is to call us, or send us an email! Regardless of the situation, we are always readily available to try to help the best way we can. If you have any questions about your order, call us right away (preferably within 24 hours of placing your order), so we have time to make any and all changes to your order. It should be noted that all changes must be made before we set up the screens for your order. If we have already done so, you will have to pay for the set up fees once more in order for us to compensate the time it takes to reset those up! 

#3. If your koozees have not yet been printed, your screens have not yet been made, & you contact us to make a change, we are able to do so, at NO charge! Having to change your wedding date is painful enough, we want to help make the process go as smoothly as possible! Communication is key, & our customer service will always do their best to make sure you are taken care of. 

#4. If your screens have already been set up, & your koozees have already been printed, please reach out to us, as we have made special discount codes for those brides/groom who are going through this. If you wish to place another order, either without a date, or with your new date, we will give you a certain percentage off your new order so you won’t have to pay full price for something that is completely out of your hands. 

Hopefully this takes care of some of the confusion, & helps ease the burden of having one more thing to do before your big day. If you have any questions/comments/concerns about ANYTHING, please reach out to our customer service team at 618-464-4381, or email us at We are always eager & happy to help! 

Stay Crazee Friends :)

May 22, 2020 — Ashton Pieron