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Are you thinking about ordering koozees for your client’s wedding but are unsure of how many you should get? There are many things that wedding planners will need to consider and take into account, such as the number of door gifts like wedding koozees to order. Read on to find out more about how you can determine the number of koozees to order for your client’s wedding! 

Rule of Thumb for Ordering 

When you try to decide the number of koozees to order, the general rule of thumb is to order 10% more than the number of guests who have RSVP-ed for the wedding. This is to be on the safe side and ensure that there is a sufficient amount to give out to everybody. At the end of the day, it is okay even if there are a few extras here and there. This is much better than not having enough to give everyone and having your client stress about the lack of door gifts on the day itself. 

Although 10% may be a random number, there is some logic and thought behind it. If you are still worried, here is a reference guide you can follow when ordering koozees for your client’s wedding. 

Guide to Number of Koozees to Order 

If your client has a small wedding of about 25 guests, you should order about 28 koozees. If your client has a large wedding of about 100 guests, order 110 koozees. Of course, the number of koozees you order will vary from person to person, such as if your client wants to keep some koozees for themselves, or if they want to send it to people who could not make it for the event on the day itself. No matter what, you should always order more koozees than the number of guests that are going to show up, so that there will be no panic or tension over lost koozees on the special day, or guests who turn up for the wedding last minute. 

Furthermore, sometimes guests want extra wedding favors, and people who did not attend the wedding may request for one as well. Occasionally, people may not want the favour as well, so you could consider planning for a table with the wedding favours or wedding koozees, and leave it up to the guests whether they want to bring it home or not.  

Why are Koozees Great for Weddings? 

Wedding koozees are a great idea as a wedding favor, especially if your wedding is held outdoors, and if cold drinks or alcohol are served at your wedding. With good quality koozees, guests who drink a lot may be tempted to take more than one. These koozees can help to keep drinks cool, and are a cute and aesthetic addition to the wedding. Koozees can also be customized in many ways, and clients can choose their favorite colors and custom designs to print on the koozees as a memento for guests to take home. 

Furthermore, these koozees will not break the bank, and are affordable even when purchased in bulk. As such, this makes koozees a great idea for weddings. If you are thinking about ordering koozees in bulk for your client’s wedding, feel free to check out Koozee Crazee. We have ready templates for you to choose from, and our design team is also able to accommodate special design requests. Contact us today to help your client design the best koozee for their wedding!

April 12, 2021 — SmartSites