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Wedding coasters are a great addition to a wedding reception, especially if they are customized. If you are a wedding planner who is planning a wedding for your client, you are probably thinking of ways to make the entire event even more special and memorable for them. Coasters are a creative item that are aesthetic and practical in weddings, making them extremely fun and exciting to incorporate into your client’s special day. Read on to find out more about creative ways you can use coasters at your wedding!

Customize Coasters with a Message

With customized coasters that hold messages to guests, it will definitely bring an extra touch and connect the guests to the bride and groom. This can not only engage wedding guests, but also serve a very practical use in helping people to keep track whose drink belongs to who.

Customize Coasters with a Delicious Cocktail Recipe

Another creative way to use coasters at a wedding is to serve guests a delicious cocktail, with the recipe written on the coaster. The bride and groom can choose to serve guests their favorite cocktails, or even hire mixologists to customize drinks for their guests. Either way, printing a cocktail recipe on a coaster that your client is going to give their guests is a cute and fun idea. Guests will definitely remember the couple every time they make the cocktail for their own enjoyment.

Customize Coasters with Song Lyrics

When you choose to customize coasters with song lyrics for your clients, be sure to pick out songs that are meaningful and that represent great love. It could even be the couple’s favorite song, or the song they feel best represents their relationship. Make things even more exciting by customizing different lyrics on coasters. This makes it fun for guests to compare with each other which song lyrics they have received. Even if there are extra coasters, the couple can bring them home to their home bar or even give them to other people who could not be there to celebrate their big day with them.

Customize Coasters with the Couple’s Wedding Hashtag

One of the best ways to customize coasters is to include the couple’s wedding hashtag. This also serves as a reminder to use the hashtag when guests take videos and pictures of the wedding, which makes it easier for the couple to see the photos and videos taken of them after the event is over. Furthermore, it serves as a good memento for guests and the couple, and each time people use this coaster, they will be reminded of the couple’s love.

Custom coasters are a great way to spice up and elevate a wedding. Other ideas that wedding planners may consider are wedding koozees, which are can sleeves that can help to keep drinks cool. Koozees can also be customized in many ways, and are made of very durable material which means that they will be sure to last a long time. At Koozee Crazee, we provide custom coaster and koozees, and are able to accommodate special design requests to ensure that the couple gets the coasters or koozees of their dreams when they work with us. Feel free to check us out today!

April 12, 2021 — SmartSites