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Best Drinks to Fit in Our Slim Can

As you probably already know, we offer the BEST of the BEST koozees. We have many options ranging from can to bottle that you can choose from. In addition to having the best koozees, we also take pride in having the top graphic designers in Southern Illinois. With that being said, we are ALWAYS happy and eager to help your koozee designs come to life. If nothing comes to mind, you can always pick from our specially crafted pre-designed template options. It is as easy as clicking the design you like, and entering your names & dates! Our ULTIMATE goal is to blow our customers expectations out of the water, & leave event guests speechless when they receive our one of a kind koozies!


One of our absolute favorite koozees, is our 12 oz. SLIM CAN! This bad boy is capable of holding all of the BEST beverages! Now, we know you beer lovers out there are ready to rip our opinion apart, but hear us out! 


First off, these bad boys fit some of the BEST BEERS! Here we’ve included just the top 3 :)

  1. Corona Light : While the Corona Light features a fruit-honey malt aroma, there is a distinctive yet enjoyable hop flavor. If you are a light-beer drinker, this is a must-try. What's more, Corona Light only contains 5g of carbs and 99 calories. 
  2. Bud Light Lime :  This popular summery beer is brewed with real lime peels and contains only 15.6g of carbs and less than 152 calories.
  3. Ultra : 95 calories and 2.6g of carbs! This one is GREAT for all of you who like to keep your carbs & calories on the lower end, but still want to enjoy a great tasting beer!


Now onto the stuff most of you have been waiting for! The Slim Can is most known for holding the BEST OF THE BEST seltzers! Now we’re going to walk you through many options, some of which are filled with yummy alcohol, and some that are not!

  1. WHITE CLAW : this delicious goddess is usually the hit of the summer! With just 100 cals, and only 2G OF CARBS, this drink is a poolside must-have! Did we mention it comes in a wide variety of flavors? Some of which include, raspberry, wild berry, and mango!
  2. Truly : White claw’s worst enemy...this one holds exactly the same amount of calories & carbs as the White Claws. Although the tastes are pretty similar, you will have to try them both and make an opinion for yourself! (After you order your slim cans of course).
  3. Nauti Hard Seltzer : If you are looking for a premium malt beverage that contains natural fruit flavors while preserving the unique effervescence of seltzer, Nauti Hard Seltzer is a must-try beverage. It is light, refreshing, and perfect for any adventure you have in mind. Neuti’s hold 110 calories, and 5g of carbs! 
  4. Coke : but this isn’t just any old coke...this is a freakin’ 12 oz slim coke! Trade your boring canned coke in for a slim coke! Why? Because if you’re drinking a coke instead of a white claw, you clearly already have problems.
  5. Red Bull : For the days when you could sleep standing up...or BETTER YET, as a mixer for all you vodka lovers!! (Watch your heart rate...we need you alive to order more koozees).


We want to know what YOU think is the best beverage to go in your slim cans! Email or message us from our website and let us know your go-to slim can beverage for a chance to win 100 custom koozees, 20% off!!!

March 04, 2020 — Ashton Pieron