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Ditch the lanyards and keychains with your company logo that seem to clutter every office gathering. These generic items, while practical, often lack creativity and fail to leave a lasting impact on guests. 

Step up your game with our carefully curated list of creative corporate party favors. You’ll also discover why and how to create a win-win favor-gifting experience. 

Benefits of Giving Out Company Party Favors 

Favors are a hit everywhere—and the workplace is no exception. Here’s how incorporating this tradition into your next corporate holiday party can impact the workplace:

  • Enhanced morale. When employees receive small tokens tailored to their likes, they feel recognized for what they do. This recognition can translate into a more positive attitude towards work. 
  • Brand visibility. Incorporating branded holiday party favors into office events is an effective marketing tool. Employees use and display the gift items, inadvertently promoting the brand to colleagues, clients, and other prospective markets.  
  • Team building. Favors are fantastic icebreakers because they give people something in common to talk about. These shared experiences break down walls and bring everyone closer, creating a stronger sense of unity within the team. 

Reap these rewards by handing out gifts with value-added extras, such as practical utility or emotional appeal. Check out our quick guide on how to decide your corporate party favors. 

How to Plan and Choose Your Office Party Favors 

A little planning goes a long way when planning party favors. Follow this step-by-step guide to find out the best pick for your staff: 

  1. Know your audience. Ask employees about their preferences, interests, and any specific items they’d like to receive. Gather feedback through informal discussions or suggestion boxes. 
  2. Set a budget. Determine how much you’re willing to spend and allocate funds accordingly. If the total budget for favors is $500 for 100 guests, you allocate $5 to each attendee.  
Note: One favor per guest is often enough.  
  1. Align with company culture. Choose favors that embody your organization’s ethos. Say your company values sustainability. You can opt for reusable tote bags made from recycled materials or plantable seed cards. 
  2. Personalize when possible. Customize favors with your company logo or a personalized message. Look for a supplier who can accommodate your design requirements and provide high-quality printing/engraving options. 
  3. Optimize packaging. The presentation and packaging can make or break company holiday party favors. The packaging is the first thing recipients see when they get a favor. You want it to grab their attention and start things on the right foot. 

Final Tip: Opt for items recipients can use in their daily lives or enhance the event experience. This way, your favors will leave a lasting impression and be kept long after the party. 

10 Game-Changing Corporate Party Favors 

Corporate gifts in brown reinforced paper bags

Now, let's delve into the heart of the matter—the best corporate holiday party favors that are sure to impress your guests. If you have the funds, don’t hesitate to mix and match any of the following.

  1. Leather-bound journals. Perfect for jotting down notes, ideas, or sketches. These journals provide recipients with a must-have companion for meetings or travels. 
  2. Bluetooth speakers. People working from home can benefit from these handy favors.  They’re perfect for streaming music, and helps amplify presentations and conference calls. 
  3. Premium coffee gift sets. Fuel your team’s productivity with gourmet coffee gift sets with artisanal blends and branded mugs. 
  4. Executive pen sets. These are highly coveted items that make memorable and impressive gifts for corporate events. Recommended for executive retreats, board meetings, or client appreciation dinners. 
  5. Custom USB drives. Practical and versatile, branded USB drives offer ample storage space while showcasing your brand with every use. 
  6. Cocktail kits. Opt for this if you’re after a fun, interactive atmosphere that encourages socializing and bonding among attendees. 
  7. Portable powerbanks. Keep guests connected and powered up on the go with portable phone chargers. They’re suitable for outdoor conferences and seminars. 
  8. Cozy blankets. Best for team-building retreats, company picnics, or employee appreciation outings. Personalize it by embroidering your company logo or event theme onto the blankets. 
  9. Succulent plants. Succulent plants are low-cost, low-maintenance gifts that bring a refreshing greenery to any workspace or home office. 
  10. Can coolers. Koozie® can koolers and Can Coolers are convenient favors for park picnics or outdoor team-building activities. They’re designed to insulate cans or bottles, keeping drinks cold even on scorching summer days. 

Koozie® Up Your Office Holiday Party Favors 

Coldie Holdie's customizable Koozie® can koolers and Can Coolers are the perfect favors to show off your brand. Our built-in customization tool lets you imprint your holiday motif, corporate emblem, or brand color palette. 

Personalize yours today for a unique, branded touch at your event. Koozie up your corporate party favors here.
April 11, 2024 — josh mcintosh