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woman holding baby shower favors

Congrats on your little one on the way, soon-to-be parents! It’s time to gather your loved ones and celebrate your journey to parenthood. We’re here to help you host an epic baby shower filled with laughter, love—and, of course—adorable baby shower party favors. 

Here are 12 one-of-a-kind favor ideas that will last a lifetime for you and your dearest. 

Party Favors for Baby Shower: Are They a Must? 

Giving out baby shower party favors depends on many factors. This includes your preferences, circumstances, and the overall mood you wish to set for the event. It’s not obligatory. However, thoughtful favors can add enthusiasm and warmth throughout the gathering. 

It’s worth considering if you’re up for it and have time and creativity to spare. Here are some factors when deciding whether to include party favors at your baby shower.

  • Guest list size. Favors can be a meaningful gesture of thanks at small, intimate gatherings. But they may require extra cost and effort for larger parties. 
  • Theme and atmosphere. Matching favors in a themed baby shower party can help to set the vibe and bring everything together. 
  • Cultural or regional traditions. In some cultures, favors are customary and expected within your community. When choosing one, remember to do so to uphold cultural etiquette and make guests feel honored. 
  • Budget constraints. It’s wise to prioritize other event aspects (e.g., venue rental, catering) with tight funds. Pro-tip: Look for DIY options if you still want to send out favors on a budget.  

If you’re set on having favors, getting them done is where the fun begins. Here’s how to plan and pull off your baby shower favor ideas without breaking a sweat. 

How to Plan Baby Shower Party Favors 

You don’t have to break the bank to delight your guests. You only have to find a balance between meaningful and affordable. 

Start by setting a realistic budget that works for you. How much are you willing to spend? How many guests will be there? It’ll help you estimate how many favors to purchase or make. 

Next, brainstorm baby shower party favors ideas from our list below. The more useful and practical, the better. It ensures they won’t end up buried in a drawer or tossed away. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, calculate the cost per favor. Don’t skip this step to stay within your budget while providing thoughtful gifts for your guests. 

12 Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas 

baby shower party favors on a table

We’ve rounded up 12 practical, personalized goodies to make guests smile. Rather than scouring the internet for ideas, use this list to free up your time for more crucial baby shower tasks. 

Baby Shower Party Favors for Girls 

  1. Lip balm bundles. Opt for natural ingredients and flavors to cater to different preferences, such as fruity, minty, or floral. 
  2. Floral hair ties. Cute and versatile, gift these hair ties to your female guests to wear throughout the baby shower and anytime afterward. 
  3. Handmade soap bars. Indulge your loved ones in a spa-like treatment at home. To personalize, add your baby’s name and event date to the packaging. 
  4. Custom-scented candles. Let guests unwind and de-stress after busy days with your go-to scented candles. 
  5. Monogrammed compact mirrors. Offer guests a handy, personalized gift they can use for on-the-go touch-ups.  
  6. Pastel bottle koozies. These party favors can keep drinks chilled and refreshing the entire event. You can customize your koozie’s design to fit the baby shower theme. 
  7. Baby Shower Party Favors for Boys 

  8. Custom keychains. These custom keychains, engraved with the baby’s name or due date, are meaningful keepsakes guests can carry wherever they go. 
  9. Miniature succulents. Symbolizing growth and new beginnings, these favors offer everyone a low maintenance, living memento of your special occasion. 
  10. Personalized stress balls. These baby shower party favors are ideal for anyone who could benefit from a little stress relief. 
  11. Mini flashlights. These are a hit because they’re super handy and great for kids and adults alike. Consider attaching themed labels or stickers to each flashlight.  
  12. Coaster sets. Coasters add a cohesive look to the table settings by complementing the baby shower's overall theme and decor. 
  13. Custom can cooler. Like pastel bottle koozies, tailor-made can coolers are multipurpose favors. They’re the perfect beverage companion at your outdoor garden gathering, poolside night party, or indoor brunch. 

Personalize Your Baby Shower Koozies 

Make your baby shower a bash to remember with our Baby Shower Koozie Collection. We offer over 50 colors and styles to play with, including foam cans, neoprene bottles, and slim cans. Welcome your new bundle of joy with Coldie Holdie! Start customizing here

April 16, 2024 — joshua mcintosh